Wednesday, February 1, 2012

wordless wednesday (not too wordless i think)

sometimes in life there'll come a good memories.
things that we could never forget.
things that somehow when you think it back, you will smile.
the experience that teach us a lot.
the people who bring out the best of us.
the reason you change your life.
sometimes, these life, those people are best to just regards as a memories.
A good one.
It's better than chasing it and make it painful and regretful.
just follow the wind that blowing your life,
just let the waves push you to the shore.
And by doing that, what left in the end is the one meant to guide you and accompany you throughout this life.
They are your friend in dunia and akhirah.
KMNS is one of the best memories in my life that I would never want to forget cause it makes me who I am today, it change me towards a better person, a better muslim.


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