Sunday, September 20, 2015


it's too calm.
when I see you.
when my whole world is in chaos.
everything stop for a second.
you make me forget everything that happened,
you make me forget the worry I have in my mind,
you still make me smile even after you've left.
but then others came to me to stop me,
I held my two feet on my ground.
It's true,
no matter what I want,
no matter how I feel,
no matter how calm and happy I am,
it is just not right.
This situation is not right.
I'm stuck with believing we are emotionally attached to each other,
there is an attraction that I didn't know from where it came from,
I might be delusional,
maybe I'm just a lil bit lonely,
this isn't right.
Our situation now is not right.
No matter how much I feels it to be right,
it is still wrong,
but was there is right and wrong when it comes to fate?
Only He knows the answers.

Sunday, September 6, 2015


So many things happened.
So many things in my head.
But I couldn't even talked about it.
Nor write about it.
Not a word could describe what I'm thinking about and what I feel now.

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