Sunday, June 30, 2019

A Man With A Bigger Hands


I am 24 this year,
I keep on reminding myself about this.
Often that I forgot I'm 24.
This year, I don't get the 'bila nak kahwin' question frequently,
instead I get asked by my dad.
Yup, Abah yang tanya and honestly I dont have the answer for that.
I have one answer that I wont tell it out loud.
I will marry a person that will love me more than Abah could love me.
And by doing so, he must knew how Abah's love me.
I had enough of people judging me from the outside,
from my look, my house, my personal background, where I work, how much I earn and etc.
I am independent,
I afford to have everything.
Stop judging me from all that.

This has been in my draft with other 32 posts that I wrote but never publish for several reasons.
I wrote this on August 2015.
Now, I found that man with a bigger hand.
He never stop me from being a bigger persons.
He encourage me to be better,
and he loves me as much as my parents did.
His family love me as much, and I am grateful for that.
Thank You Amirul Afif,
for loving me.

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