Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A beauty freak.

I got a new hobby developed few months ago i guess.
It has been a long time ago actually I took interest in something called make up and beauty product.
Since I was in secondary school I am very particular on what I am putting on my face.
and then I start to wear few things, one at a time.
Starting with cleanser, to compact powder, to lipbalm and now I have all sort of makeup thingy.
BUT this hobby does not make me wear make up everyday when I go out.
In fact I have all the minimal make up on.
It is just a hobby. I just love to put it on other people face and make it look pretty.
I learn all the application from Youtube especially from Pixiwoo and Jaclyn Hills channel.
Both are my favourite youtubers and they are so pretty!
month by months I am getting better and my make up collection is a lot.
and now Sephora is opened in Malaysia and I am so excited eventhough the price is a bit pricey,
but I still have the choice to buy an affordable things by NYX and Sephora itself.
One thing about this hobby is you really have to be patient and spend a lot of money since make up and skincare is pricey.
and that is why I can only bought 1 to 2 item monthly and always find what worth your money.
so to keep it short, I give a sneak peak of all my product and my makeup trial.
Teehee *tataw nak tulis apa dah kat blog sbb lama sangat tak menulis*

new item: bronzer, mascara, eyeliner, concealer and eyeshadow.

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