Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Less than a month for November.
November is my favorite month.
Probably because it my birth month but other than that,
November is a month that feel like Home.
It feels like I am where I belong.
So, how's life now Hidayah?
Few ups and downs,
Few conflicts here and there,
but right now,
I'm enjoying life.
I enjoy being here.
Here, in Tawau, Sabah.
It makes me feel like an adult.
People told me, I'm mature and independent.
But right now is when I myself admit that I am most mature and independent.
Last week, we make a gathering at my house.
We make preparation and cook for all the staffs by ourselves.
How proud I feel to did this event and that feeling you get when everyone satisfied with our food,
bliss and blessed.
Alhamdulillah, for this life right now.
I have a group of people here that love me and take care of me.
These people that spend their time to hear my rant, went everywhere and experiencing new thing with me.
Taking care of previously a stranger in a strange land,
surely make us a new family.
I have this kakak, who is pregnant with her first child,
her morning sickness was really bad, but at our little jamuan,
she ate a lot.
She said, rasa seronok sangat dapat makanan semenanjung.
And since then, every weekend, we'll gather at our house (since my house is big),
and we'll cook and give to that kakak.
We have a lot of other activities.
Badminton every week, visiting places of interest,
trying new food,
and mostly, just spending time with each other although we might just do nothing.
Owh, how can I leave this place in another 7-8 months.
One year surely will went by so fast.

Me: tiap minggu kita ni ada je aktiviti bersama-sama.. Keluar try itu, ini..Jalan sana sini.. Agak2 kalau kita kat semenanjung mahu kena marah dengan parents kan?

Housemate: Memanglah..Agaknya sampai tak kenal rumah kot..

Me: Tulah..Bila dah kat sini, walaupon tiap minggu ada aktiviti, atleast bila balik rumah tu perasaan excited dia tu lain.. Rasa tak sabar nak balik rumah, tengok family, tengok parents..

Housemate: Tulah hikmah jauh.. Selalu rasa nak balik, nak balik.. Kalau dekat dengan rumah, tiap minggu kita pegi merantau semua negeri..

I guess,
bila dah bekerja ni,
home is no longer home.
My parents home is now my hometown.
Home is where I work and spend most of the time there.
Home is now here.
And probably next year,
home is somewhere else.

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