Tuesday, August 27, 2013

syawal 2013

it has been a while for me to write randomly on this blog.
Currently, I am not so busy.
New semester has arrived but I still feel that we are on holiday because I only have 3 classes to attend,
and only have to go to MSU on monday and wednesday.
I was offered to do part time at my previous attachment place,
still thinking because I have to go to hospital for clinical attachment throughout october,
then my research project have not yet started..
by that time it will be a total mess.
so, yeah, still thinking.

so back to the topic,
it's syawal.
and this year is totally different.
I did not go back to johore, instead all the piranhas came to Shah Alam!!
so, I celebrate raya in Shah Alam this year.
Then, we make some reunion with my classmates at SMKSSAAS last weekend.
It has been almost five years I have not met them except for few people.
I am not really the kind of girl yg peramah and close to everyone back then at school.
especially to the boys.
but everything seems the same. same good old memories.
the boys are still naughty, mischievous and still nice.
and the girls are still as sweet as I can remember.
being with them, is a different version of me, different aura. Just different.
Talking about what's going on in our life for the past five years, what is our plan, when we are going to graduate, doing the survey for our friend final project, reminiscing the past, teasing, laughing.
It just felt that time has stop at 2008 and we are still that teenagers that still struggling for our SPM.
still remembering how we organize our class trip after SPM to Pangkor ON OUR OWN.
I just remember how I miss those moment so much.
Eventhough some of us have changed,
from a cutie to a handsome and beautiful person,
from a chubby person to a skinny person (which I and some of us did),
or to a skinny to a chubby person (teehee)
from a silent person to a talkative person,
and the list goes on,
but being with them, it still feels the same.
Joy. Youth.

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