Saturday, February 4, 2012



so for this entry I dedicate it to two person for the good news they've got!
congrats sis, Nur Syuhada for being accepted to SBP Seri Puteri, Cyberjaya!
I know you were super excited since you wake me up to tell me the news in a high pitch voice!
semangat terlebih!
while we discussing on what she gonna bring to her hostel. She asked us (me, ummi and nenek and Siti) a question that make us burst into laughter,

'Macamana kalau syuhada nak pegi toilet malam2?'

LOL! I know my sis is super hillarious!
and I know she's afraid of not making friends since her first day masuk secondary school pon she cried and keep talking on how to make friend, she didn't have friend..blablabla..
I know you will gone through all this just like your sis.
Boarding school aren't that tough! I even slept alone during matrix..hoho
one thing that I remind her is that,

'kalau ko duduk sana dua minggu and ko keluar, confirm kak nurul akan gelakkan ko gila2!'

harsh, but thats how I deal with my sister..huhu

second person I would like to congratulate is my girlfriend, Nurzati Hanani for her acceptance to do degree programme at UiTM Shah Alam.
UiTM Shah Alam is somehow feels like my second university since I often visit my cousin, Yasmin there and I seriously hate the guards!
so now nani, yin and me are at Shah Alam.
I think, Shah Alam just dont wanna leave us kan?
Our hometown..yelah kita tade kampung..kat sinilah kita membesar.
Watching the development of Shah Alam from city of nothing to city of everything..huhu
Proud being Shah Alam person..!
tak kira kat mana kita study pon, one thing for sure, distance is just a number for a friendshipkan?
So teha, we still love you..
don't worry on that dear..<3


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