Monday, January 18, 2016


Don't you wanna be there again?
To loved and be loved?
What do you mean? I am loved by others and I love them back.
That's not what I mean.
Then, what?
To have someone that are always there for you.
I already have that. My best friends and family.
I mean... The other half.
I won't lie, I'm searching but I'm leaving it to fate. If the time is right it will surely come to you.
Did it still hurt?
Maybe. But I'm cherished it. If my heart wasn't crushed, I'm not feeling this happiness that I feel right now and then. I learnt a lot and that past mistakes made me cherish my life now.
Does it change u?
And that's why u won't love again?
Not true. It just no one really stayed. No one would prove to me that they'll stay. They just come and go and never stay. That's the reason why.
Why don't you asked them to stay?
Because I won't beg for anyone to stay. I won't tell them I wish they would stay. It just me. If a person would want to stay, they'll stay no matter what. It is their choice because I am always stay with those who wanna stay.

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