Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Istana Budaya

last Sunday, I was at Istana Budaya for a concert,
this is my first concert and I drove myself to Istana Budaya, KL.
I was so excited, and I went there with ofcourse my beloved bestfriend, yin and nani..
Unfortunate for teha, because she has to go back to USM..
so, whose concert that I went??

it's YUNA!!
I am a fan of yuna since she is still not that popular,
It was back then on 2009 which is after I took my SPM
when she first debut her first songs Dan Sebenarnya on the radio,
I've finished listening to almost all her songs at the moment.

I am not her fan because people said I look like her,
and I am not look alike Yuna because I am her fan.
I love her music, although I am not really into her style and fashion.

The concert is soooo awesome,
I can't take my eyes off her dress, credit to Halta Dolmat, it just suit her well.
Yuna's voice is mesmerizing,
she sang 21 songs, although there are new songs that I haven't really listen to,
but I got to listened to all my favourite songs except for fading flower.
the combination of Yuna's voice and Symphony National Orchestra was fantastic,
She invited Mike from Incubus and sang a cover from Incubus which is I Miss You,
I had a chance to meet the famous Yuna's personal photographer a.k.a Yuna's special someone I guess, Mr Julian Schratter,
and overall is just wonderful!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


obviously, I am far less than perfect ;-)

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