Saturday, April 2, 2016

The symptoms.

Those thoughts of that special person,
Spreading in my heart,
It makes the heart beat so fast,
Created adrenaline rush all over the body,
It built butterflies flying all over the stomach
And all my limbs started to feel cold for excitement,
And suddenly with just one thought of the words we spoke last night,
Made me smile involuntarily
And I can't help but to smile and sometimes laugh all by myself.
Those feeling of flying when both of our feet still hold onto the ground,
And the happiness you can't resist
As if it was a beautiful dream,
And a wonderful gift,
All these feelings and symptoms,
All has long gone from me.
And I'm writing it here to makes me remember,
Because somehow,
I almost forget this feeling.
Not that I don't want to but I couldn't feel it though.
And it makes me feel,
Less human.

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