Friday, July 29, 2011


assalamualaikum peeps..

what's up withe the title??
aritu baru je buat pasal im in a good health..
and now PAP! i got a fever..
yeah sick..
3 days laying on the bed..
and only now(just a few moment ago) baru boleh bukak mata, berdiri dan berjalan..
ye..masih mamai lagi..
tapi i feel much better..
thanks to all my dear(s) yang asking about my condition..
yg paksa saya makan ubat, makan banyak-banyak..(u know who u are)

pagi tadi still in the worse condition walaupon demam dah kebah..
but yeah..i feel fresh this afternoon after spending my entire morning sleeping..
kalau before ni..nak bangun untuk solat pon, kepala pusing macam washing machine..
even i have to performed solah with my eyes closed..if not i will tumbang..~
hoping i will get a full recovery soon..
thanks for your prayer dear friends..
may Allah bless us..

p/s: next week dah mula daftar new a second year student now..and class starts on 8th..and happy ramadhan people..semoga amalan kita bertambah di bulan mulia ini..insyaAllah..=)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

how are you?

assalamualaikum dear reader..

lama tak berceloteh panjang kan kat blog ni~
mood cuti menguasai diri maka saya malas menaip..
boleh tak begitu??
padahal time study week banyak je benda nak cerita kan??
jadi apa khabar aku?
aku sihat wal'afiat..alhamdulillah..
despite aku yang sihat ni..
ramai bila datang rumah asyik tanya kenapa aku kurus sangat sekarang ni.
yup..i've loss my weight..A LOT i guess..
if dulu zaman matrix..berat aku boleh kata hampir 52 kg..(tu pon kat matrix org dah kata aku kurus)
tapi sekarang berat aku almost 46 kg..
banyakkan turun in just 6 month??
seriously banyak..
why??what happen to hidayah??
i guess my busy life have change my diet and losing some appetite due to stress i think..~
stress ke??i shall say yes..!
kalau kelas dari pagi sampai maghrib..break setakat 1 jam..makan and solat mmg bekejar..
what to do..thats normal for university students especially pharmacy student kan??

so kalau korang nak kurus..
trylah busy kan diri..
but seriously..not enjoying it..!
dulu aku suka gila makan..haha..
my family is the type that is not choosy when it comes to food..
janji halal..ngap je..~
so if you get the chance to see my picture during my secondary school..
surely u'll said..'chubby nye dayah..'
even when im a a bit chubby..

i have to admit that my diet a bit change during my form 5 year..
since im a prefect..busy running here and there for the duty..
busy with all the programmes for SPM..
and i AM on diet during that period..(blush)
OMG! hidayah on diet..! a strict diet which change me permanently i guess..
i dont take nasi at all.
and afterwards until today..i only eat a small portion of nasi(like seriously sikit..people yg pnh makan with me tau lah..)
BUT..i love lauk..aku mmg amek lauk banyak..
tapi time tu tak ada lah turun banyak pon..
biasa2 je..hahaha
tapi sekarang..tak diet pon turun banyak..woah!
tak apalah..pasni aku makan banyak2 okie..
peeps..dont worry about me okay..
i'll be fine..=)

Monday, July 18, 2011

wordless monday

usually it is wordless wednesday ( blogger day which the blogger need not to write anything)
but i just dont want to describe anything about my weekend..
picture describe a thousand words right?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


is a powerful things..
time waits for no one..
not even for a one little hope
and not even have mercy..
time change people?
or people change because of time?
people change for what they want and needed in life
from time to time, this needs keep changing..
our hope are changing..
and from that everything change
even feelings change.
we all start from a stranger
then care as a friend
to love full-heartedly
and who knows what we might be then
sometimes we start as an enemy but eventually love start to growth
as TIME passing by, we'll learn about the person
and look what we are now..
who are with us TODAY..
do they stay with us forever?
they will leave one day
its a promise made by Allah
Alhamdulillah to know you, once a stranger,
who give me chance to know you..
who accept my hand for friendship
i know we might not be there in the future for each other
but this memory shall last~
thank you for being there today

Thursday, July 7, 2011

♥I'm in love with someone out of town♥

Oh my god I see u clearly now
in my dreams you're here with me somehow
call my name and I will make a sound
I'm in love with someone out of town

Who is this stranger
I should be scared if he's dangerous
I should prepare for this
I wish I wont fall so hard for you

You walk but you dont see me
Slow motion and so gracefully
Be my friend and I'll show you around
I'm in love with someone out of town

Who is this stranger
I should be scared if he's dangerous
I should prepare for this
I wish I wont fall so hard for you

If something is not happening for you, it doesn't mean its never going to happen. It only means you're not ready for it.
Don’t torture yourself with memories of the past. Sometimes, no matter how you wish things could be just like before, it won’t be anymore.

One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that you actually mean something to someone. Another best feeling is having them prove it.
Sometimes you have to give people a second chance and just hope that it pays off.
You have to get hurt. That’s how u learn. The strongest people are the ones who have fought the toughest battles
A best friend can see you walk in with a smile on your face and still know something is wrong.
Sometimes, you find it hard to tell someone about your feelings.. But you forgot that you're already acting it.
It's tough when you ignore someone special but it's tougher to pretend that it's not hard.
The worst feeling in the world is knowing you've been used and lied to
When I grow up, I want a son first then a daughter. So my son would beat up any boy that makes my little girl cry

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

after a year..~

assalamualaikum..~ in a really good mood today..
im enjoying my holiday..and walaupon actually today is my lazy day..
suddenly tonight i have this semangat kerajinan untuk update blog..
so..what's up with the title?
i've met someone that the last time ive met her was a year ago..
i really really do miss her..
and i just have to meet her..
ni pon secara kebetulan je dapat tau dia datang sini..
serious lompat2 je rasa..
dia kata dia nak pegi i-city with her family..
so..fikir..camne nak pegi..
nanti abah tak bagi keluar kang..
aku kan perempuan melayu terakhir..mana keluar malam* okay, sungguh poyo di sini..
but then..lepas pujuk umi suruh pujuk abah..
and kenalah rahsuah umi sikit..
skali umi call abah..tak sampai 5 min..

umi:hello..u kat mana??balik bila..??dah makan?
umi: owh..balik ptg2 sikit?
umi: ni hah, budak2 ni nak pegi i-city..kak nurul kata nak pegi jumpa kawan dia..
umi: okay..bye..~
umi: DONE..
aku: erk?? abah bagi??tu je??hehehe~

LOL...~hehe..maka..aku pon dapat lah jumpa dia..
time jumpa tu..reaction dia..haha..
biasalah dia kan suka wat muka xde perasaan..TAPI~~nampak sangat anda terkedu di situ..
bukan nak kenalkan aku kat mak kau kan..aku yg dok meramahkan diri pi tegur mak kau...
then after that, aku wat muka tak malu..
ikut family dia amek gambar kat i-city..hehe..
aku sayang kau lah..!!rindunya..
kan best kalau ko lama lagi kat cni..
boleh borak2..
and lastly..aku bagi dia hadiah..actually belated birthday gift..
harap ko suka and ko pakai..yg satu lagi ko baca ye..hehe..
aku hanya bagi buku kat orang2 yang tertentu je..
someone yg really important je yg aku bagi..huhu..~
sayang kau lah..

so..u must be wondering who is the one yg aku do sayang2 ni..
kalau pernah baca entry special entry for special person..
pasti korang dah tau siapa dia..wink2.

i wish kita ada masa untuk jumpa and borak2 lagi...
malam tu xsempat borak masalah kau..
stay smiling huda..
aku happy tgk ko senyum malam tu..~


Sunday, July 3, 2011

little complicated thingy called trust~

p/s to nani: sorry i curi from your blog but this is super something..

ive told you before that trust is my super hardest thing for me to give...
once you've gain my trust..
please do keep it properly..
for the first mistakes, i still can forgive you..
and give back the trust but will never been the same..
for the second mistakes that repeated..
it gonna make me start to stop believing and trusting..
even if you are forgiven..
i know, deep inside it leaves a scar that took times to heal..
for a following wound that you'll give..
i will just leave and dissappear..
how should i trust anymore, if hurting is the only feeling that i'll get from you..~
never make someone as a priority if they only take you as an option..
im not the type who expressed what i felt inside..
what i wrote is only a pieces of me..
i dont and cant say it to people what i felt..
but i do act it out..~
how I wish I could dissappear~

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