Friday, May 29, 2015

A month away

A post from far away land.
I'm doing fine. Alhamdulillah.
Bak kata abah, "If you are normal people, you'll be okay anywhere you go"
True. I love to repeat this to myself and everyone around me, people will always adapt to changes.
The first day without Umi and Abah, ofcourse I cried a lot.
I remembered how my parents followed me here for the first week, to find me a house, and helping me settle down.
I remembered the last day before both my parents went back to Shah Alam.
How my dad fell quite and suddenly randomly said, "Esok Kak nurul dah sorang-sorang kat sini"
Yeah, abah was the one who was so worried when I told them I will have to go here.
Abah was the one insisted to follow me for the first week. Which I'm glad they followed me here and helped me settle down.
Umi cried too at the airport and ofcourse I cried even before going to the airport.
It just, I can't help but to cry. I'm so far away from home.
It feels like I'm living in the overseas.
But the next morning, it feels like a normal day.
The first few days was the hardest.
You know when you are new to that place, and trying to fit in is so hard.
But somehow, you'll get through it and life become Alhamdulillah better.
What I like the most here is I can wake up early as the sun rises a bit earlier than west Malaysia,
and thus, I can perform Dhuha at home before going to work.
I've been practicing Dhuha for almost a year now, and the result is just wonderful.
It feels like your day is just blessed. I can't explained it but Dhuha is a miracle.
It's not that easy to live here all by myself when I live my whole life with my family,
but being here now, what I learned the most is to try living my life attaching myself only to him.
Only hope for Allah, depend on Allah, asked Allah to protect me and not to human-beings.
Alhamdulillah, with this thought in my mind, heart and soul, all my affair was taken care of. Alhamdulillah.
I just can't stop saying syukur.
And for now, Alhamdulillah. I'm happy.

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