Sunday, June 21, 2015


So, it's my first Ramadhan without my family for the whole month.
Umi tak bagi balik, lagipon gaji belum dapat lagi. InsyaAllah another 2 weeks.
I'll be home on the night of Syawal itself.
It's okay, I'm adapting.
Living here wasn't that bad.
The environment, this place wasn't that bad.
It is almost like Pekan Kluang but bigger.
Kat sini ada everything too except for Sephora..haha
Ada giant, ada lots of bakeries *and as a bread-lover, I'm super loving it
For me, anywhere you live pon dekat dengan anywhere.
My house to hospital take around 10-15minutes drive,
for local, it was a bit far actually,
but for me yang biasa drive 30-40min from home to workplace,
it was really close.
Dah duduk sendiri ni, I learnt to go to Pasar by myself,
cook for myself,
buying groceries, and managing my accounts.
I used to hate Pasar, but now I went to Pasar every week.
I never know what type of fishes, I just know what it could be cook for,
Ikan kat sini tak sama dengan ikan kat semenanjung,
mostly ikan laut dalam,
but cheaper.
I can get Ikan Selar Kuning RM8/kg..
but the thing that I missed the most was tomato, cherry tomato, celery (tade langsung) and salads.
That is my comfort food but I can't find it here.
I learnt to speak their languages, the slang and mingle around.
Alhamdulillah, my colleagues are okay and some are very friendly.
Well, not all will love us but atleast I met a lot of new friends.
As this place is really small town,
the entertainment aren't that much,
the seniors brought us to watch movies every friday night after works, *Told ya, it wasn't bad in here*,
I've went to few Pulau few weeks after I start working and ofcourse with the seniors.
Thus, afterall, I'm enjoying my new life here.

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