Friday, August 26, 2011

junior and photoshoot~

wednesday, 12.00 pm..

waiting for the junior in the junior's class (anatomy)
mr log was preparing the lecture materials with the staff's id holder on his neck..
practicing his indian accent..
then the junior came and look blurred when entering the class with the seniors..
the class representative came to us and ask..'do you have class here..?'
we: yup..anatomy class..
junior: owh..then, can u choose one representative so that i could inform about the class??
i'm actually holding my laughter when he said that..
and thanks to yoke for answering him..
the class start.. and miss lau came and scold us for suddenly 'repeating' the course..
then the lecture start..
while mr log presenting, we were actually doing our assignment..
and answering mr log's question..
the situation is totally looks like a hyperactive-annoying-know-everything-senior..
haha..seriously we are that annoying to some extend they dont like us being there..~
class ends..
mr log: im not actually your lecturer..i am your senior..and all the repeating students back there are actually your senior..they came just to meet the junior..not a single person went to meet us..

yeah! my junior just got prank..haha..n yup, betuah lah korang dapat senior cam kitorang yang sanggup turun padang jenguk korang dalam kelas..masa zaman aku masuk MSU tu..satu hape pon aku tak tau..blurr sorang-sorang je kat situ..
whatever it is..welcome to the pharmacist student life my junior!hohoho~~
we're family..tak mainlah buli junior..hehehe..
03.00pm-tasik mahkamah, shah alam..
photoshooting time!!
as usual im the driver..
this time we dress-to-kill lah..
tak pernah aku nak pakai skirt bagai..
harini atas desakan sarah..i wore a skirt..
dah2..malas nak cte gmbr je..okie??

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

wordless tuesday

saying I love you
is not the words i want to hear from you
its not that i want you not to say
but if you only knew
how easy it would be to show me how you feel
more than words
is all you have to do to make it real
then you wouldn't have to say
that you love me
cause i'd already know
- more than words, westlife-

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

wordless wednesday

Saturday, August 13, 2011



im so in the mood right now..
i just went back from shopping~
yeah! i know..LAME! shopping for raya..
but actually..i dont think all the things that i bought is for raya..
its actually my shopping list for my holiday..
but since i didnt go for shopping during my holiday( erk??but i dont buy anything lah)
so i complete the mission today..
since my Umi offer to belanja why not kan??
i bought the shoes, new 'beg sekolah', and a new shirt(or is it a short dress??)
i actually didn't buy any kasut raya..since i have this one old kasut which i rarely wear it ( since i only wear it for dinner/ formal occasion or kenduri)
thus, i decide to wear those for my raya..~
bla bla bla..lets picture tell the story..shall we??

the overall shopping item..including my umi n sis item* which also in my size..muahahaha

forever 21 shoes and no brand bag(i guess)

a short dress..wink2 <3
the one that im planning to wear for raya..~

Friday, August 12, 2011

video lily and olie..

holla people..assalamualaikum..
okie lah anak2 kepada kucing aku..
owh lupa bagitau..
olie pon dah beranak..tu yang ada 9 ekor kucing semuanya..
anak lily 3 hitam, 1 macam olie, i mcm dia(putih)
anak olie ada 4 ekor..
3 sebijik cam olie..sekor putih..comel je..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

tahun dua


the title said it all..
im already a second year student and I HAVE A JUNIOR..!
excited terlebih sudah..tapi muka junior belum kelihatan lagi..
pemalas punya senior nak mencari junior..
owh lupa nak bagitau..
sistem kat msu bukan macam kat any IPTA..
ada orientation with the senior as the facilitator..
we have orientation but usually conducted by the SCD (student career development)
so what subject am i taking this semester??

★physical pharmacy I
★organic chemistry
★pharmacy practice II
★pharmacology of central nervous system
★pharmacology of peripheral nervous sytem
★traditional medicine
★communicative english
★islamic studies

amek kau..8 subjek untuk sem ni..haila..
makin turunlah berat anda cik hidayah oii..
cekeding je nanti..
okie..actually the main thing that I want to share is about what i get from the first class for pharmacology of CNS..
during the class..
as usual there's a self introduction part which we already bored about it because we already know each other well( being a year are we not to know each other rite??)
then we were asked..
'why did you choose pharmacy??"
and surprisingly..most of my classmates answer because it is their parents choice..
i have to admit..actually i am one of them..BUT pharmacy IS one of MY option..
so I do enjoy it~
then Dr Santosh(my lecturer), he told us this..

' for whatever reason you choose this have to respect your profession..and keep your professionalism'

I do agree with this..
and here I am sharing this with you guys..
I know some of us went to IPTA with the course that they dont even like and love..instead you hate it a LOT..
u are the one who made the choice to take it..
thus respect the decision you made..
respect your profession..
dont just keep complaining about the course..
about u unable to catch up with it..
you are what you think you are..remember that!
and let time decide the interest you gonna develop..
but remember to open your heart and mind and soul..
pray to Allah cause He always hear us..
He wouldnt give something that wasn't the best for us..
insyaAllah one day you will be thankful for the gift He gave to us..
be proud of your future..~

Sunday, August 7, 2011

question: if the one you love fall for your bestfriend..

friendship and relationship..

seriously i dont really want to talk about this again and again..
this is the only relationship in our life that makes our world chaotic..
i have a question to anyone who could answer this..
why would you sacrifice friendship in order to save love relationship?
and why should we give up love to protect friendship?
why cant we have it both??
for me..a friend will always be there for matter what occasion that we have..
i f the lover does not deserve our friend..
why cant we tell them..isnt friend are the one who's suppose to advice us even if it hurt us the most??
what happen if the one you love fall in love with your bestfriend??
will you leave them or you'll be happy if they get together??
its a tough question..i know..but put the situation in your shoes..
will you be happy for them??
will you leave as a matter of healing the wound and forgetting the one you love??
are u willing to leave your friendship?
u know what..if you did this, what happen to your bestfriend??
they will torn inside..
you leave them because of your love..
it's selfish and cruel..
i know u are the one who have the unrequited love..
but because of that you left a friend??
you are bargaining friendship because of your wounded heart..
but how's your friend? have u considered their feelings?
remember..even if they have someone to love never been the same for someone who have been there for them before they found the one they love..remember that!
and the moment you left them..even if they are happy with their lover..
inside their heart they are hurt and blame themselves for not trying to save the friendship..
think back before you make the decision..
for me, if this situation happen to me..
i will be really sad..
and i will blame myself not to save a friendship and not to make my friend happy..~

isnt friendship is to be there for our friend comes hell and high water?? to be there supporting each other??
isnt love is to see the other person happy no matter with whom they are with??
is it worth to lose one of this to save one of that relationship??
think carefully..~~

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ramadhan datang lagi

assalamualaikum peeps..

hehe..dah hari ketiga ramdhan baru aku nak update pasal ramadhan kan..??
maafkan saya kerana terlewat..
actually hari ni baru aku terasa rindu sangat nak puasa dengan kawan2..
dah dua tahun berlalu..
the only ramadhan yang aku sambut dengan rakan-rakan..
2 tahun lepas, di matrix..
owh..ramadhan yang sangat macam-macam terjadi..
dan dah 2 tahun jugak arwah atuk pergi..
rindu sangat arwah atuk..tiap kali teringat mesti sebak..
atuk, cucumu ni dah berada di universiti..dah nak masuk tahun dua dah..~~

ramadhan dua tahun lepas memang bawak kenangan yang worth sampai bila-bila..
salwa dan huda: aku rindu korang dua..
rindu lah beli dan makan nasi sebungkus, sepolisterene..beli kuih, kongsi sama-sama..
air tembikai huda..salwa yang diet..
rindu terawikh and sahur..
rindu sangat!!!
rindu pegi bazaar..(ops..kenangan pegi bazaar cukup sampai di situ ye..jangan diungkit dah kenangan silam...)
h6p3: rindu lah berbuka dekat OSC dengan korang..rindu jugak ayam paprik, air buah tu..hehe..our first gathering kot..sebelum tu kelas kita mana suka buat gathering ramai2 ni..hehe..

serious aku rindu puasa zaman matrix suma abah punya pasal lah ni..
tanya soalan pasal kolej..serious rindu..
last year pon puasa dekat rumah..
dengan kawan??
tak ada pon..sebab waktu tu kitorang belum rapat lagi..
sorry my kawan2 msu..
tapi time tu mmg kita tak rapatkan??
yelah..time tu kan short sem..mana selalu jumpa pon..kelas ada 3 ari je..
yang lain cuti..huhu..

p/s: abah tanya, kalau perempuan tak puasa tengahari dia makan apa eh kat kolej?? tak makan beramai2 ke??mcm satu group?? umi, aku and adik2 terus tarik muka..and umi jawab: pandai2 lah..kadang2 bukannya makan pon..~~LOL~

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

nini, olie dan lily~


rasanya, dalam ramai-ramai kawan baik aku pon..
tak ada yang lebih lama dari dia ni kot..
kecuali naniyinteha kot..
aku kenal yin dari darjah 4..teha and nani waktu form 3..
shanini?? waktu aku form 1..
yup, waktu aku baru pindah rumah aku sekarang ni,
ada sorang uncle ni hadiahkan nini kat family aku..
tapi last2 dia bertuankan kak nurul(aku lah tu)
dia paling aku sayang..
kalau aku ada masalah..kadang2 aku membebel je sorang2 dengan nini..
and dia pulak wat muka..'ada aku kesah masalah ko tu?? apa yang penting..aku kena belai n perut aku kenyang'
umur dia dah sangat tua..dah hampir 8 tahun..
korang tau tak, umur kucing bila convert jadi umur 8 kali ganda umur manusia..
makna dia..shanini berumur..8x8..
tua kan??
dia ni gigi pon dah tak ada..kesian dia makan biskut tu payah sangat..sian shanini..
nini sangat manja..
dia mesti nak attention dari aku..
kalau study dia mesti akan duduk sebelah aku or kadang2 atas buku aku..
then kalau aku tak layan, dia akan turun bawah and amek stoking abah dalam bakul baju kotor and bawak naik sampai mengiau macam nak bagi anak dia makan..haha
pastu dia akan tergolek2 depan aku..
tapi dia lah yang teman aku study sampai lewat pagi..
bila malam2 dia akan peluk tangan aku waktu aku tdo..
gebu gila..macam teddy bear..
i heart you lah shanini gemok!


okie, ni lily..
dia dijumpai di pasar..
dulu, dia buruk gila..serious tak tipu..sangat buruk kot..
badan dia sepenuh-penuhnya kurap..
umi bawak balik rumah, letak minyak gamat, bawak jumpa doktor..
nak tengok rupa dia dulu??

buruk kan??ni pon dah lepas seminggu kitorang bela..
pastu sekarang ni..
cantik gila..
bulu dia gebu sangat..kucing siam..
perut dia sangat bulat..
and now dah bergelar ibu kepada 5 ekor anak..
anak dia 3 ekor warna hitam, 1 ekor mcm dia and 1 ekor belang2..
sapa nak boleh order..huhu..
special kat lily ni is mata dia..
dia seriously mmg juling..kelakar tengok muka dia..
mcm innocent sangat..
nama panggilan dia yang lain is juju..stand for juling..hihi..

yang ini pulak nama dia olie..
comel tak??
umi jumpa dia dekat workshop time amek kereta..
waktu baru bawak balik, bulu dia penuh dengan minyak hitam..melekit je rasa..
then, adik mandikan dia..hitam terus air tu..
dia ni paling manja..manja tahap apa pon tak tahu lah..
comel sangat..muka dia memang macam budak2..walaupon sekarang tengah bunting..
sarah paling suka olie..kalau sarah datang, olie lari laju2 walaupon olie jenis yang manja dengan orang..
then olie jenis yang tak reti tido macam kucing lain..maksud aku kucing kan suka gulungkan badan dia untuk tido..
tapi kalau olie, dia suka tido menelentang macam manusia..
camne?? gambar dia terkejut sebab aku amek gambar dia curi2..hehe
tapi dia memamng tdo macam ni..
kalau tengah menyapu lagi angin ngan dia..
sbb dia wat muka comel dia pi golek2 kat lantai tu..
geram gila..

maka dengan ini, berakhirlah kisah kucingku..
aku mmg suka sangat dengan kucing..
kucing2 aku ni memamg terbaik..
suma toilet train..
tak train pon shanini train diorang berak dlm toilet..
tapi antara diorang shanini memang yang terbaik..
tak pernah susahkan kami..
dia baik sangat..
dengar kata, sabar..
kalau lapar sekali pon dia boleh tunggu je tanpa berbunyi kat depan tempat makanan tu..
then dia tido je kat bilik sekor2..
memang tak banyak kerenah mcm yg lagi 2 ekor tu..
huhu..sayang nini sangat2..~

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