Monday, December 31, 2012

end of year~

it's the end of 2012..
I learnt a lot..
I cried, when my friendship ends.
I broke down when people throw some bad words on me.
I am disappointed when everything was not according to what I've planned.
I keep silence when my words did not get anyone attention.


2012 did left me the unforgettable journey and memory..
Friend, comes and go..
the one who stay by your side are the one who deserves to be value.
Love, will come when you least expect it,
and from the person you never expect it to be.
People, are mean..
they teach us survival.
Tears, are not permanent, just like smile, it fades..
but, both are a cycle that complete each other and teach you to be stronger.
Life, will never come as what we plan it to be,
but life will give the best that you deserve to get.
You, sometimes all you need is to be silent for you to know yourself better.
Allah, He will replace your tears by providing you friends, family and accompany..
and Allah, he never left you alone in this world.

I am thankful for all the wonder and happiness that were rewarded to me.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


there are things that is beyond our control.
there are things that only we could put the stop on it.
there are things that we should know our limits.
enough said.


tomorrow the battle for final will begun.
i am so afraid, i am so anxious that i couldn't sleep.
obviously because of the 9 subjects.
and tomorrow 2 subjects.
hoping it will be fine.
and hoping that 4th January will come faster. Can't wait!

p/s: do pray for me and I am sorry for all my mistakes that I've done.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

instagram me!

nurulhidayah411 =)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

common mistakes~


since I love blogging and blog-walking..
I tend to get annoyed with some silly grammatical mistakes..
maybe the writers are not aware..
BUT if they keep repeating the same mistakes it's obviously their mistakes..
english aku pon tak bagus pon..aku pernah fail english kat matrix okay..serious tak tipu..
tapi nasib baik MUET dapat band 4 *which I know, it's common..
for me, memang tak apa nak tulis in english and etc..
aku pon belajar through that process n it built confidence in ourselves..
tapi tak salah jugak kalau kita selalu belajar dari kesilapan..
cari perkataan tu..betul tak grammar kita..
betul tak ejaan tu..
dan tak salah rasanya kalau betul2 kita tak tahu cemano nak tulis omputih ni, tulih je melayu..
daripada melalut cerita and yang paling best kutuk orang tapi satu habuk pon tak paham..
maybe english korang tahap oxford kot sampai aku tak paham..
and aku jenis yang kalau baca struktur ayat dia tunggang terbalik aku akan baca dengan susun dulu perkataan tu....
pleaseeee, check your I/I'm, Your/you're, than/then, congrats/congrates..

p/s: walaupun aku selalu jugak buat mistake..tapi I keep on learning and cari mistakes aku.. ;-)

the girl~

the girl who always there for others, also needs someone to be there for her..but yet nobody's there for her..
and in the end, she have to be there for herself,
putting a fake smile on the outside and erase the evidence of tears on her face.
what happen when she's alone, it forever remain a secret.
that's the strength of the secretive girl.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


setelah berhari-hari berhempas pulas menghabiskan segala project paper and assignment serta quiz,
maka hari jumaat adalah hari aku boleh bernafas dengan tenang..
maka, aku project kan adik2 aku buat make over sikit..
aku SUKA gila make up kan orang tapi aku tak suka pakai make up..
and semua cara make up yang baru aku nak try..
sebab aku suka make up kan orang, aku suka beli barang2 make up..
aku ada 48 colour eyeshadow by miss rose, and 3 BB cream, brush aku pon berapa banyak ntah..
favorite make up?? BB cream from etude house, lipstick by silky and lipbalm by vaseline..
and yang harian punya, moisturizer n cream SAFI aloe vera..serious best!
kulit aku jenis kulit tanpa moisturizer, aku rasa tak selesa n jerawat yg kecik2 tu naik kat dahi..
lepas pakai SAFI alhamdulillah okay...
and satu lagi aku ambil supplement capsule habatussaudah..
ramai tahu habatussaudah ni banyak kelebihan dia..cuma kalau nak makan yg serbuk tu mmg taklah kan..
bau herba dia kuat..
and lepas makan tu memang jerawat tak banyak naik and badan and kulit nampak berseri je..ecewah!

so berbalik kepada kisah memula tu..
aku buat make over adik2 aku guna cara make up yang baru..(smoky one color eyeshadow)
memula aku buat dekat syuhada je..lepas dah buat tu tetiba siti kata dia pon nak.
and end up, dia suruh aku buat jugak..haila..
maka semua dah make up (tapi muka suma tak bedak pon..mata je..hoho)
then apa lagi posing time!

lepas je siap make up



save gaza?

memula ayu~~

the real us!

dua budak mata besar dan seorang budak mata kecik!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I know I am not a good daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend..
I just know and it does not make me feel better,
and I know how much I tried my best, I am still not good enough.
I'm sorry..
I am not good in everything..


I am a loner.* not a song obviously*
but I have friends.
it just that for this year, I learn to keep my mouth shut.
to be more silent and invisible.
I choose to be like that.
I have once being the kind of girl yang peramah, senang bercerita.
and it brings me to a lesson that not anyone can be trusted.
I'm done with that..*trust issue*
but being alone doesn't mean that the person are sombong, pessimist, in-going person.
obviously I am not.
It just that I am confident to be by myself,
and being not in the group of specific friend make my view on people broader.
I saw a lot of new things.
I know a lot of other people.
I learn to be more sensitive in handling people.
this developed my social skills and communication skills.
I believed everyone have a group of friends in each of their university and school.
this is called as bestfriend and etc.
yeah, just like normal people, I have my own closed friends too.
but sometimes, being alone is what you needed.

pernah tengok cerita Lovely Bones or The Invisible.
dua2 cerita ni berlainan tapi ada satu element yang sama2.
dalam Lovely Bones,
perempuan tu adalah mangsa pembunuhan, dan mayat dia tak dijumpai..roh dia kononnya merayap untuk minta tolong and ada masa yang dia nampak kawan-kawan dan keluarga dia..
dalam The Invisible,
lelaki tu kena pukul dan badan dia dicampak dalam lubang air, then roh dia pon sama merayau minta tolong, dan rupanya dia belum mati, cuma koma or something like that..
and the main thing is that, they all see how people around them react and tahu perangai sebenar orang sekeliling dia and macam mana diri diorang yang sebenar..

sometimes, we have to be invisible, dissappear to see the real you.
just take your time to be alone and see your friends and how they treat others.
and judge yourself by that..
if you like it or not..
because, with whom you spend your time the most will create YOU.
I've saw mine, and thanks Allah to show me this.
I don't regret with the changes I made,
mungkin bukan mereka, tapi aku yang tak mampu terima cara mereka.

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