Friday, January 31, 2014

a letter to you.

I am a bit persuasive and annoying once I care about a person,
especially to those that I love.
I can't bear to see them in pain or tears,
I just can't.
I want to be there when they are in trouble,
I want them to lean on me, cry on my shoulder and let me wipe their tears.
It is all because I care too much.
So, when you said you are all alone, no one to turn to, nobody is there for you,
I keep asking myself, Where am I? What am I doing?
I feel really bad, I tried my best to reach you,
Unfortunately I can't hold you and be there for you.
I understand that you don't want me to see you in pain,
but your eyes, your gesture and your action speak it for you.
You are not happy, you are no longer you.
We have tried our best not to talk about what happened,
try to cheer you up, try to accept what you have chosen for yourself,
but it feels like you are the one who are not accepting what you have chosen.
It make me doubt if you have made the right decision.
I always have the thought why can't you wait a little, clear up your thoughts and make the decision later.
You don't have to rush for something this big,
because feeling is not something that we can force.
you are hurt, but please don't hurt anyone else with the decision you made when your feeling is still confused.
The pain is unbearable, we understand it although we are not in your shoes,
but we know time will heal and decide everything,
If you are happy with what you have now, then focus on it and stop looking back and unhappy for what happened at the past because you chose it.
If you are still not happy with what you have now, catch what make you happy.
This is not a small decision, this is your life.
You own your life and your happiness.
We just can't stand to see you unhappy but pretending that you are okay.
we are not okay to be happy when you are not okay.
because after all you know we care..maybe too much, I'm sorry.
and for this letter, I am so sorry because I don't know how to tell this to you.
whatever you decide and choose, if that make you happy, we will always support you.
you knew it, kan?

Sorry and I love you.

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