Wednesday, November 28, 2018



It has been awhile.
A long time to be exact.
I miss this blog.
I miss writing.
A lot has happened.
A beautiful journey and a wonderful soul.
I am 27 now.
Engaged and about to get married. InsyaAllah.

I couldn't believe it myself.
Afterall, Allah knows best.
Alhamdulillah for everything and all the things.
Couldn't praise Allah enough for what happened in my life now.
When you have experienced sadness,
Happiness felt so expensive and priceless.
You cherished it more, you care for it more.
A wonderful soul that came to me and bring out the best he could bring,
A wonderful soul that make a storm in me go,
Leaving a calm and beautiful flower in my heart.
He ain't romantic, he is all firm and realistic.
But he made me trust and believe again.
A wonderful soul, that proposed me with this words,
'let us be friend then, boleh?'
A wonderful soul that once lived in my childhood, my teenage year and my adulthood.
Let he then be my past, present and future.
And let him be my here and thereafter.
For him who teach me to love without having to said it,
And yet proving it is meaningful and full of responsibilities.
A beautiful soul that makes me feel important,
I love you.
You mean the world to me too.

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