Monday, February 18, 2013

semester 6

rabu lepas, aku dah start mendaftar..
result? dah ambil before raya cina and alhamdulillah meningkat dari semester sebelum..
despite that I had 24 credit hours and gone through hell during the exam and study weeks..
So, walau bagaimanapun, aku daftar and datang kelas khamis pagi..
kemudian petang tu sempat keluar bertemu si dia yang tetiba buat plan mengejut..
Akhirnya dapat jugak jumpa orang yang busy kalah YB tu..kui3
memandangkan masa yang singkat sebab dia sampai Shah Alam pon dah pukul 2,
dan aku kena balik awal sebab malam tu nak kena bergerak ke Melaka,
maka kami melepak jelah di Burger King sebab teringin nak makan burger..
owh! seperti biasa, date berdua adalah sesuatu yang tiada dalam perancangan zaman bujang aku.
jadi, aku heretkan nani dan yin ke burger king *nasiblah mereka free..kalau tak nak heret sapa?

peneman setia 

Mr.  'Muscle' sangat! wakakaka
Kemudian malam bertolak ke Melaka menghabiskan sisa cuti bersama family, nenek dan acik.

forever boyfie and sisters at Umbai

Villa Sentosa, ada kaitan susur galur family atuk yang nenek cerita berkali-kali tapi masih tak faham.
so dah puas berteromba, bermulalah kehidupan semester baru..
jadual? not bad lah..Isnin tak ada kelas pada asalnya..
tapi sebab add Malaysian Studies, maka satu kelas di situ.
Subjek Semester ni ada 9, 21 credit hours.
the funny part was, my mentor kata, 
nasib boleh add sbb maximum credit hours 22
tapi madam, sem lepas kami ambil 24 credit hours..
owh, depends on semester kot.

yes, credit hours berkurang,
semoga lebih berjaya di Sem ini..
and, cuti semester depan start attachment Community Pharmacy,
kalau ada rezeki, insyaAllah tercampak sama ada di Jepun, Thailan atau Indonesia..
atau Malaysia? 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

dah lama tak tulis in English, sorry for the grammatical errors..sobbbsss~

Friday, February 8, 2013

holiday part 2

ok sambung balik cerita kat singapore..
on the second day, the day me n my siser were waiting for..!
this is the best part of Singapore because it is a theme park!
this was my second theme park that I had visited, the first one was Disney Land Tokyo, Japan.
That was 4 years ago after I received my SPM result..Alhamdulillah.
so for USS we don't have to travel with MRT but there was a bus that took us directly from Hotel to USS.
The bus arrived at 0930am and took us back to the hotel at 0700pm..
so there was plenty of time to play!

the Universal Studio Globe!

sista, me, acik
ok, the park was basically in a circle
From the entrance we went towards the right direction since the rides were all at the right.
Turning right was the New York City,  
and there was a Steven Spielberg Studio..Light, Camera, Action..
we had experienced how they make the special effects in movies..
Next ride was transformer..
This is where we get on the ride and experience a situation where the NEST have been attacked and the bumblebee and the rest are trying to save us! hihi

Sementara beratur, ambil gambar dulu!

wawan, adam! jangan jeles k, kak nurul dah jumpa Optimus Prime!
Then, we took the roller coaster ride..they have two types of roller coaster,
the cyclone (blue) and human (red)..
both were almost the same but different in terms of the seat..
cyclone, kaki kita terjuntai ke bawah and human kaki ada alas.
I prefer cyclone than human. Just because.
although at first, I was a bit afraid but it was really fun. (aku gayat!)
Then the next best ride was in Jurasic Park where we were going to get wet!

Cyclone and Human ride! Superb!

Mummies Return
Far Away Land
and the rest just take a look at the picture, basically I rode everything except in the Far Away Land..
sbb mostly untuk kanak2..

Shrek and Fiona's Castle

balik ni nak kena study balik..sobbbss

because, when I'm busy, I can only eat bread and go to bakery.

Ohoi, kita pendek kaki tak jejak tanah!

USS is not bad..
my advice never go here on public holidays.
It will be a waste of money since u will be wasting your time on the queue or probably only few rides that you can play.
I went here on Monday, there is no long queue..
the roller coaster was just 5 minutes gila!
then the accommodation was okay since there was a prayer room although a bit small,
there was plenty of halal food and mostly in each of the toilet in Singapore will have a toilet with a water hose,
so for muslim, it is not difficult to travel here.
Lagipon Singapore je kot..
I remembered when I was in Japan, it is so difficult to take ablution and we have to perform Solah in the middle of the park, however, that was a very interesting experience.


so I've just come back from Singapore with my aunt and sister..
yup, only the three of us..
Singapore? It was not that bad..
The public transport, I have to say this, Malaysia should learn from Singapore.
They were very efficent, the MRT arrived every 3 minutes, sharp,
the cab was easy to get..
walking from one place to another is very convenient..
On the first day, it was Sunday and it was raining all day long..
we arrived at Changi Airport around 0830 am and took the MRT to Novena Station which is the nearest MRT to our hotel.
we stayed at Value Hotel Thomson (around 10 minutes walk from MRT)
unfortunately we walked at the opposite direction and ended up getting a cab to the hotel.
for a cab ride, it cost us around $5-$6.

Acik has assigned me to do the itinerary..
So I have planned the places to go based on the MRT route.
Thus, from Novena Station we went to orchard road.

orchard road was just a shopping complex with all the branded store like LV, Dior, Ferragamo and etc.. which means, not the type that I love to go and it simply just alike KLCC..for me nothing much in here..
owh, I forgot to tell, each MRT station usually (ni yang aku pegi jelah..yg lain tataw) will be connected directly to a shopping mall.
so, each time u went out from the station, it was actually inside of a mall.

Next station was Bugis Street. From Orchard we need to changed train at City Hall to go to Bugis Street. Bugis Street was basically like Petaling Street in Malaysia only that it is indoor..and on weekend, it is crammed with people.
and the best thing to shop here is the blouse (actually almost like Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid kind-of- blouse) and also the accessories!
I bought 3 bracelet for $5..serious menyesal tak beli bebanyak..I should spend $15 for this!!
and I bought souvenier for cousins and gfs and him just for $10.
if you went to Bugis Street to find a souvenier for your friend, please make sure u buy a lot!!
you won't find it elsewhere! *or maybe I don't know other places to buy..huhuhu

Then, I went to Arab Street, it was just a few minutes walk from Bugis Street. Arab Street is situated at the opposite route from Bugis but you have to go straight ahead. It is not that difficult to find it..and in Arab Street is where the Masjid Sultan is located.

so, we went for prayer (Jama' zuhur n asar) and rest for a while until 330 pm because we were really exhausted and it was raining continuously throughout the day!
after that we checkout the shop lot around the arab street. Here, they sell mostly fabric, laces and etc.

at this time, the rain was getting worse and doesn't seems to stop, and the sky was still dark.
we continued our journey to Raffles Place hoping that by the time we reach there, the sun will finally come out.
Unfortunately it's not!
from the MRT we have walked along the riverside. We exit through Fullerton Hotel, and walked through the rain.
We were soaking wet by the time we arrived at Merlion Park.
Yup, we went to Raffles Place to see the Merlion Statue.


then, from here we could see the Marina Bay Sand! the one yang ada kapal atas bangunan tu..hikkss

panorama at Merlion Park
then afterward we went back to our hotel..and had a good rest because the next day we went to USS!!
till then..

p/s: pegi Arab Street make sure beli nasi briyani or murtabak dia! sedap!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

turn back on time~

my holiday are gonna end in two weeks.
I am still in the mood of guling2..
then during this holiday, I was just doing nothing and some silly things with my sister who apparently waiting for her SPM results.
then one day, she bought an album which inspired by me.
I really love to make album!
because each and every picture keep thousands of memories.
I am fond with pictures, and that's the reason why I have instagram and make the account without hesitation.
and atleast, picture never change despite people in it changed.

unfortunately, album makes certain memory came back to life..
it just like this blog. but a clearer version of the words unspoken.
I was browsing the internet,
I read something, how unfortunate, I miss those moment.
I miss that person although that person may not miss me.
It's been a year, I did not know what had happened to her,
what's going on in her life.
I shouldn't know nor ask, I know.
but I know deep down, I care.
how ignorant I was, how I get my self distracted, how much I denied, I know the truth that I'm hiding for.
that night I dreamt, of the people that I have keep myself away from.
I may not speak a word to them in my dream,
but I was there to see them.
Even in my dream, I was not dare to talk to them..not because I didn't want to..
but because I afraid that they will feel uncomfortable and hate me..
somehow, I wonder, when will this stop.
It's been awhile..
our heart are incapable of handling the anger for so long my dear.
I am here to stretch my hand to continue our ukhwah.
I am here to apologize, for what I've been ignoring, for what I haven't seen, for what I lie, for all the reason..
For everything.
can't we just be friend?

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