Monday, February 6, 2012

simply words~

sometimes in this world, when too many things happen to us..
we forget..
forget to said Alhamdulillah..
Alhamdulillah for everything that happened.
Alhamdulillah for giving us a test so that our iman could be strengthen.
Alhamdulillah that eventhough things are depressing us, we have so many people who stand right beside us to help us regain our hope..
Alhamdulillah that when everything have settle, we are no longer the old us.

kadang-kadang kita lupa kawan. Lupa siapa yang ada untuk kita.
How I met your mother, season 3 episode 17 and 20..
it makes me realize something..
dalam episode 17 tu..barney which is kawan baik Ted dah make out dengan Ted's ex-girlfriend, Robin which infact are their bestfriend.
and Ted decided untuk buang Barney dalam hidup dia walaupun dia dah ada girlfriend lain.
Dia buang barney simply because it's against the bro code* code antara kawan.
and barney take his time trying really hard untuk pujuk Ted and at some point he just go with the flow and let Ted live his life.

episode 20.
Ted accident TAPI dia xcedera langsung..not a scratch.
but lily *one of the bestfriend jugak-in the group ada 5 org besties(ted, marshall, lily, robin and barney), called barney and cakap Ted accident..
Barney play cool and ckp dia xdapat datang kat lily..
but then, he cancel his meeting and run off few blocks untuk pegi jumpa ted..
bila sampai dekat depan hospital tu..
he only have to cross the road..
and for the sake of drama, he got hit by a bus.
and ted pon melawat dia..thus pendekkan cerita diorang berbaik balik..

In this world, there are real Barney.
They might do something stupid, or a mistake yang mungkin bukan mistake.
*sbb lepastu Barney which is someone yg afraid the commitment or a men yang make a girl just a doll for a one-night stand fall in love with Robin.
He might be someone who really need to be punish but hey, he's a good friend.
He's trying really hard to be the real good friend.
In fact sapa yang follow HIMYM boleh nampak disebalik ke'poyo'an Barney, he is really AWESOME as a friend.
He is the one yang put all of them together.
Just take a look around you and think back if barney is already exist in your life.
friends that wont leave us like that aren't easy to found.
they are SAHABAT.
and remember this,
premise 1: human make mistake
premise 2: friends are human
conclusion: friends make mistake.



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