Friday, March 7, 2014

Love is an addiction


It is scientifically proven that love is an addiction.
It is shown that people in love will produce a hormone called serotonin in the brain which is responsible in regulating the mood or feeling of happiness of a person.
It is also says that chocolate also produce the same feeling as people in love.

And just like most addictive drugs, it causes addiction because we can't get enough,
after a while, a person won't feel the 'high' that they feel at the first time they take the drug,
thus a person get addicted and keep on wanting more. *there is pharmacological reason behind this but in layman term, let me just stop it here*

Why people can't move on after a break up is because they are in a term called 'withdrawal'
Just like drugs such as Methamphetamine or ecstasy, it is addictive and at some point when the user has discontinue taking the drugs, they will have the symptoms of withrawal; depression, sadness, emotionally disturbed and feeling down.
The serotonin hormone also are scientifically found that it will last only for 2 years.
Thus, after 2 years, only loyalty remain.
Afterall, love can always replenish.
And that is how you can feel in the way your parents and family always love you for years and forever.
Because somehow, love is an addiction, and we keep on wanting more.

And thus, love is an addiction.

footnote: and that is how chocolate is an addiction, and we keep on wanting more.

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