Thursday, February 2, 2012

home exposure!


so today *wait, hidayah sekarang asyik update blog je kan? hoyeah i'm addicted to it and I'm actually spending my last week of holidays.hoho

so today, I'm gonna exposed my home.
not the whole part of my house actually as it gonna take pages to finished since my house is really big!
I'm the home type person. Meaning that I rather spend every single time that I have at my home than spending it outside.hoho..
seriously my house have everything that I needed.
so for this entry I will exposed my favourite port in my house which is ofcourse my room..=)

this is basically my entire room.
it is now the biggest room in my house since my parents give up their room to make our study room *sigh

this is from another angle.

and this is my bed!
seriously this is my room and I'm not supposed to share it with my siblings but they always sleep in my room.huhu..
so my bed is macy's and I got it through my mak ucu's wedding which my room have to be the bilik pengantin on 2006.
ok, this is the memory lane side table.
kenapa memory lane sbb kat sini aku simpan semua khazanah zaman dahulu kala and kalau nak masuk part 'zaman aku dulu..'
owh and yeah! those magazine adalah majalah sekolah, SALAM dari tahun 2004-2011.

for this side table I just put some random stuff such as phones and purse and my aromatherapy and the most important thing in my life is Quran and Tafsir.
Untuk bahagian bawah tu adalah my favourite novels from my favourite author, hlovate and korean movies and drama..kui3

ni adalah port lepak2 je..
semua atas meja tu adalah hadiah from my friends kecuali jam tu..
and the purple box tu actually is a manicure and pedicure set which my umi bought from mph.
super cool!
owh yang hijau tepi tu adalah makanan kucing as nini makan dalam bilik ni..hihi..
but! bilik aku tade bau makanan kucing k..
bau aromatherapy adalah.XP

ini adalah meja solek ye anak2..
tempat aku spend masa paling minimum actually kecuali kalau aku nak keluar..huhu

this is what the content of my drawer.
sebelah kiri adalah tempat accessories especially brooch.
kanan adalah barang make up.
things that i usually wear: lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick, compact powder(silky), eyecream (safi), moisturizer (safi), BB cream (maybelline), lotion (rosken)
things I have but I dont usually wear: eye shadows(SASA), mascara (maybelline), facial cleanser, fobancort*for allergy.

on top of the table.
the lappy aren't usually there.
actually harini baru letak atas tu sebab selalunya ada letak atas meja study kecik but then I took out the table haritu and I couldn't found it now.huhu
yang dalam bekas rambu ramba tu adalah all my brushes and eyeliner.
I currently have four eyeliner: maybelline unstoppable brown, elianto pencil eyeliner black, elianto liquid eyeliner black, in2it liquid eyeliner brown.
dalam kotak tu adalah all the barang for hair accessories such as getah rambut and klip rambut.

my two almari baju.
left adalah untuk baju kurung, baju jalan, blouses and yang tergantunglah kiranya.
left is t-shirts, tudung and my handbags.

this are my own bathroom!
i know its pink but nothing can change it since its already there from the moment we bought the house.

to conclude: my room are the best!Alhamdulillah.. home sweet home..hihi =)


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