Saturday, February 11, 2012

sooo close!


entry today is so close..
pasal apakah?
have you been in a situation that you are so close on getting what you want or plan on but unfortunate you didn't?
it was like you are just one marks of getting an A,
or you are no 2 with a different of 1 point,
or you missed a call by a second,
or, late by a day to send application form,
or to conclude, missing a chance.
how does it feel? just think it yourself..
and how to react?
just one thing you should know..
in this world, there are few chances that we blew or we are not intend to blew it off..
unfortunate that faith know what's the best for us..
maybe we are just not ready to get what we planned of..
or maybe it's just not the time yet..
and maybe, its not the best for us..
so just pray to Allah..and have faith with Him..
He's the almighty..He knew what we didn't know..

P/s: entry to comfort my heart..when my mood swing, the first thing I do is cry, then I think positively..and then I react..~ sorry!


AnisSa said...

kenapa ni? that something happen? :)

cik hidayah said...

tade pape lah anis..biasa2 je..hanya luahan perasaan..

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