Monday, August 11, 2014



Kata seorang teman pada aku,
'You had just break up, but I see that you are okay, unlike other people they got depressed,
I told her this,
"at first, it breaks me too, i cried too but then I know the truth, all the lies, how he made up excuses, I told myself, this is not worthy. He does not worth my tears. For a coward boy like him, not worth it."

By this break up,
I know I am stronger than I thought I was,
I did not lose myself completely,
And thank god I never really dependent on him throughout our relationship.
He was once a person I shared what I went through for years,
But that was it,
And Alhamdulillah for all this bless,
I thank Allah to break this relationship,
Because from this relationship and breakup,
I learn to love Him more,
I learn to protect myself more,
I learn to carefully accept love afterwards,
I am not against love,
But I learn the right people will love you correctly,
They would do anything to make you the rightful wife,
They will learn to respect your feeling and time,
It is such a waste for years attach to the wrong person,
When probably the right one is waiting for you.
Allah have a better plan,
Allah have prepared the happiness you deserve to get,
Allah, I never feel as peaceful as today.

Allah suruh jaga sebenarnya- teman, sahabat.


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