Sunday, August 3, 2014

Independent women

Independent women is so hard to love,
Because they dont depend on others,
Not even to their love one,
They learn everyone's gonna leave,
And thus they tend to do things on her own,
I was raised in a family full of women,
Abah was the only men in the family,
Umi's siblings are all women too,
And I don't really make friends with male gender,
It was just my choice,
The only male friend that I am comfortable with was my matrix friends and.. that one history,
Being independent teach me to be stronger on my own,
I gotta be what I wanna be,
I don't really share what I feel,
And when I do, I wrote it down,
And that's the reason why I owned a blog.
Being independent teach me to drive on my own to go places that I want,
I am capable to shop alone,
To pay for the things that I want without asking it from someone else,
Being independent, they consult others, but they are the one that make their own decision,
For every risk, they are the one that gonna go through it,
Independent women are firm with their opinion,
Firm with their answers and decision,
Able to say no, and able to deny,
Independent women don't need a man to do things for her,
She need someone to support her dreams, her ambitions,
And understand that she is not that weak,
They need to understand, she is strong and she is capable to do things on her own.
Independent women cry too, but she was able to wipe her own tears,
She stumbles too, but she wont take that long to stand again,
She is stronger and she will survive.
She just don't care about other people,
In her eyes, she is what she is,
 a strong, fierce and fearless women.
Independent women are hard to love,
Once people throw them away, they bounce away more than they intended them to be,
And she'll turn away, never come back.
Independent women choose to be matured, well-behaved, act intelligently and elegantly,
What leave them, don't deserve them.
And mostly, Allah is enough for them


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