Sunday, October 9, 2011

talking to the moon~

talking to the moon
trying to get to you
in hopes you're on the other side talking to me too
or am I a fool who sits alone talking to the moon
(talking to the moon-bruno mars)

yeah..this phrases truly said what deeply inside my heart.
i am trying to get to you..
i am hoping for you to talk to me..
i am trying really hard for saving this friendship..
and its true what people around told me..
bertepuk sebelah tangan takkan berbunyi..
this not just implies to just a relationship..but also a friendship..
remember that!
in any relationship there should be a give and take..
and nak tau what people told me for thousands of time??

' kau tak rasa kau je yang try untuk selamatkan friendship ni? bila kau nak belajar untuk let her go??'

BUT I ignore all that..i never listen..cause I truly care and love you..
you are my sahabat..and aku tau how u've changed..
but aku rasa you changed only with me..
seeing you with the other of our friend..macam tak ada pape pon..
kau boleh je tegur diorang cam biasa..
im sorry im beeing emotional here..
but i dont know what i did wrong..
so maybe i could conclude that i did a mistake that I just dont realize and you are just had enough of me..
if only i could..I would want to know the reason..seriously..
but knowing you..
that just an impossible..
silence is YOU..tapi silence wouldnt do any good..
our mistake is that..kita xpernah selesaikan semua ni..
each time things happen..either aku yg bawa diri..or kau yang terasa..we just apologized without exlaining..
this just couldnt worked out..
apologizing couldnt do anything..

anda, aku diam bukan bermaksud aku dah lupa kau..sungguh aku rindu gila kau..tapi bila ingat balik sampai bila benda ni nak berulang banyak-banyak kali..and sampai bila hati aku nak sakit je bila kau ignore aku..atau mungkin hati kau sakit sebab aku..aku rasa memang aku kene biarkan kau dengan kehidupan kau sekarang..aku tak harap apa-apa dari kau..cuma aku nak kau gembira cam dulu..salah aku kot semua ni..apa-apa pon kau tak perlu mintak maaf sebab kau tak buat salah pon dengan aku..~just be happy with your life..its all that I want..and please be happy with me..


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