Sunday, October 16, 2011

get up!


lets just read through all this retweet first:

~BFF……. B- stands for best, F- stands for friends, but the other F stands for FOREVER

~Sometimes some people come into our lives, make a huge impact on it & slowly fade away & there's nothing we can do about it.

~It's because#scorpios only care about a few & show this softer side to a few. The rest of the world sees our cold exterior

~If u turn ur back on #scorpio & realize u made a mistake, understand that it's too late for things to be normal again

~When hurt, #scorpio's have the inate ability to make you invisible,act as if you're dead to them.

Everything you see & everything you hear, definitely affects your heart..

Letting go hurts, but you know that if you were to keep holding on, you'll hurt yourself even more.

"You have 2 friends in this life: 1.ALLAH 2.Those who remind you of ALLAH

i know exactly what really happen between the two of us..
I had asked you the same question from the start and it had been almost a year and you always denied it!
if you be honest with me on your true feelings from the beginning, i could stop all this from the start..
why dont you stop us??
why must you sacrifice our friendship?
kau tahu camne aku value friendship kan?
once i accept a person in my life, i gained WONT be that easy for me to let it go?
so why now are you showing your little objection??
sorry aku buat kau sakit hati, kau rasa sakit dengan apa yang aku buat..
cuba kau fikir balik? betul ni yang kau nak??
adil ke kau buat aku macam ni sebab benda yang hanya kau je yang tahu..
sebab perasaan kau sendiri?
i dont wanna make assumption..tapi there are lots of thing yang aku sendiri nmpak..
and you yourself nak aku assume n paham sendiri kan??
what you should know is that I HATE making choices..
and i wont choose anything over anything..
i just wish you to be happy, its your choice..
bila orang dah berpaling daripada kita, pilihan apa yang boleh kita ambil selain teruskan kehidupan..
just one thing, bila kau perlukan aku, you just have to turn around..
if I'm not there..just remember that my prayer is always be with you..~


NurulFatehah;) said...

its ok bebeh. I'm always here for you. you can count on me always ;)

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