Friday, October 21, 2011

mari membebel 2~

finished 6 papers for this week.. is it??
not going to talk about this..
honestly, banyak gila drug name nak kene hafal..and nama tak boleh pulak kalau tak membelit lidah aku..
haila, haila...tak rock arr pharmacist tak blaja pharmaco and tak belit-belit lidah kan??
and maybe sebab ni kami belajar communication english with all the proper pronounciation of each and all alphabets??* not sure if we are going to talk to our patient with the british english and american english (great, while writing this, im saying all the words with the britishaccent..hua3..)
for all the examination, i think this is the most depressed examination i ever had kot..
i dont know what happen, but i have mood swing through out the week..
sapa-sapa cari pasal ngan aku memang nak kena lah kan..
and really-really-really thank you dekat awak-awak-awak-awak sebab tahan dengan tahap swing saya yang macam tsunami kot..xde alarm pape..tiba-tiba nak ngamuk..kui3..*blush~

but there is a saying,

'if you can be with me throughout the worst of me, then you worth to get the best of me..'

love you guys lah! you know who you are..
thanks for all the support throughout the day when i just need someone to say that its okay to cry, its okay to just membebel kat twitter..and it just nice to know someone that appreciate us and will be happy when we are happy..thank you..!! i've gain my strength!


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