Tuesday, October 4, 2011

lesson on sahabat~

assalamualaikum dear sahabat..
oit! pe kaba?? lama xdengar cte ko..rindu dowh kat ko...!

i always asked this question to you when we chat..
do you know how I miss to said all this to you on the phone?
do you know how i miss hearing you asking me those question just like old time..?
you dont..thats why you never called and you just answer..' oit..bese je..xde cte pon..'
how am i supposed to prolong the conversation when the only words that i get is that?
how am i supposed to said this on phone when you never pick up my call?
thus, i ignored the coldness you created and still acting cheer n happy cause i truly miss you..
when actually the moment i asked you that, im hoping for you to asked me back on how's my condition..
BUT you never asked..

so i tried to talk..i tried to create conversation..
i tried my best to just make you say something..
but i failed..
how am i supposed to make a conversation when you obviously dont want to share anything with me?

sometimes..when you are in stress and have a problem..
i give advices to give you strength..
i asked you to seek Allah cause He knew the best..
but the only words that i hear is..'aku tak baik macam ko..'
what am i supposed to said anymore when my advices are just 'too good' for you..

for each things that i did..for each things that i make..
i never heard the words thank you..
for every action that i made, the only thing i get from you is sarcasm and critics..
and those words that made to annoyed me..
BUT I stayed here with you when you never see me right besides you..
maybe Im just a blind spot on your sides..Im there but you couldnt see..

what I'm asking you isn't much..
I just want you to stop being cold with me..
I'm once the person you called just because you are bored, because something new happen to you, when something too good or too bad share just a story despite its just a simple and plain story..just for the sake of saying something to each other..

BUT now..I'm the person who you give your harsh words to, person you dont want to talk to, person you no longer called, person you just want to ignore and a person whom you might just get annoyed..I dont know the reason why we changed..why we have to be like this..I never know the reason you did all those things to me..I never get a single explanation on it..~

i've been crying and hurting so much for the things that happen between us..
and that's why I've stopped asking how you've been and make distance from you..
this might be what you really want from me..~~~

I'm sorry if what i asked is too much..
but I just wish for once dear sahabat..
I never hate you..instead I love you so much..
but could you please be happy for me??
just the way I'm happy when I see you happy..


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