Thursday, October 27, 2011

my wish list

★ I want the blessing from Allah throughout my life.
★ I want to be succeed in my life not only as a pharmacist but also a good muslim
★ I want to search for HIS love.
★ I want to be a good daughter
★ I want to be a good friend
★ I want to be better
★ I want to be the guidance as that's the responsibility i've taken from my name given- hidayah~
★ I want to be a good sister
★ saya nak mereka yang berada dalam hidup saya sekarang akan terus berada dalam hidup saya kecuali atas janji Allah yang pasti iaitu kematian
★i wish i could see everyone happy with me
★ i wish i can make you happy

insyaAllah..dengan izin Allah~

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