Friday, October 28, 2011


thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you..
and thanks Allah for this day..
thanks Allah for giving me this person in my life..
those who really care about me,
those who went so much for me,
being there for me,
bare with me in all situation,
bare with the bad and emotional me,
sharing happiness for me..
make me feel valuable,
make me feel loved.
YOU did make me smile for this whole awesome day..
YOU are awesome..
thanks for today,
thanks for the surprise(s).
though i usually not into surprises, but sure i love you guys!!!
you, who've been there when i cry but make me smile in the end..
just want you to know, that i really thank you for making my life interesting, to make my life easier, for make my life cheerful..
you colured my life..
I love you so much..
you give sunshine in my life..
thank you..
you know who you are..<3

p/s: the picture will be uploaded just to exhausted from all the happiness you give today..hehe..nanti ye!


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