Sunday, January 16, 2011

what am I?

sometimes, when friends are in pain, hurtful and they cry..
i asked myself, what am i doing? i felt useless to just let them cry..
if I am in no help for you, cant I just be your crying shoulder?
aku xtahu kenapa..tapi I have an instinct that actually I am the reason you cry..
and...I have certain reason on saying this..but it maybe just a thought..
you are not mad with me but you are in a big cant say it to me because it is related to me..
i know keep denying your feelings..but I know Im right..
just say it my besties..
i'll try to do my best..please tell me the truth so that you'll be happy.. YOU..its your time to be happy.. You cant keep crying for what life have given to you..You have to choose to be happy..and like what I've said before..I wont turn my back from you..Im here always..~


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