Monday, January 31, 2011

doa for mesir~

mesir..everyone should know by now the situation in mesir..
the penunjuk perasaan, the killing and the bomb-ing of prison..
banyak cerita about the situation in mesir..
pasal ada yg kata student malaysia kene rape..
and etc..
i am worried because the person that I care are there..
my friends who's taking medic..

my brother (cousin), abg aqi..
nasib baik he's now in manchester sbb ada his situation is quite through him we know a lot bout mesir..he said actually agak teruk lah..
tak pelah janji dia dah selamat..

hana hassan..
my friend yg baru je pegi sana after kat mansoura same as abg aqi..our head prefect..baru few days before the sekatan..she contacted me through fb..woah..risau dengan dia..the one yg slalu mmbangkitkan semangat aku and give a great conversation with me..a great debaters also..miss her a lot!!

arif ahmad..
bestfriend in matrix..blaja kat tanta..which is one of the place yg dikatakan agak kritikal..hoping Allah be with you and secure you..kesian ko sambut birthday at the situation..kitorang kat sini sentiasa doa kan ko..hoping to hear from you soon..Amin..

to other student yang dekat sana..
doa kami sentiasa ada untuk korang..selamatkanlah mereka yang sedang berjihad dalam belajar..AMIN..~


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