Friday, January 28, 2011

reach for the sky..~

secondhand serenade..~
i want to tell about a friend..
he continue his study earlier than all of us..
he went to a private university and take a science course..
while we wait for upu and matriculation..
he's supposed to fly this year..
he's doing great in his study..
after few months of lost contact..a few days back, i contacted him again..
he said he dropped out those subject..
he doesnt want to continue..
i asked, Why??dont you feel it's a waste..?after 2 years of learning..
he said, why must he continue things that he doesnt like..
it will waste his life..better for him to stop before regretting..~
and I was thinking..that's the BEST decision..!

and then I look up at myself..
my friends..
ramai kawan2 aku yg regret with the course yang diorg tak pernah bayang pon untuk amek..
ramai yg flunk their pointer..
and this lead to a disappointment and losing their motivation..
and then then lead to a pengangguran and decrease in productivity waktu diorang keje nnti..

Alhamdulillah Ive chose my pathway..and hoping it is the best..

'Watch you waste away
You were born to shine but left behind

ramai yang ada passion in some subject tp xnak kejar other opportunity..
aku tak boleh nak cakap lebih2..
maybe orang akan cakap aku ada duit, so tak kisahlah nak pilih swasta..
but aku pon peminjam MARA yang berhutang lebih daripada siswa/siswi IPTA..
tapi atleast insyaAllah aku boleh berjaya dengan cara tu and I wont regret in my afterward life..

then, if you have chosen your pathway..
then stop yourself from whining..
why dont you just do your very best!
you have chose that..dont bother of what other people say..
stop all the NO in your thought..~

'How could you believe that your not strong
You don't believe in yourself..'

and at the time you loose yourself..
you need help and someone to be with you..
just remember Allah is there for you..
and so do I..
dont forget about it dear..~

'So reach for the sky,
I would pick you up if I could
Open your eyes,
I would pick you up if I could'


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