Friday, January 7, 2011

hate short semester..

yeah..this is all because of the changes in the programme structure.
i really hate it..
i'm takin anatomy and physiology from late november(23th to be exact)until our final in 20th january..
really short eh?
by the time i'm taking my final, the fellow students(other courses) are just finished their mid sem.. what mis yasohdha said ' i usually cover 1 topic for two weeks..but in your case its just superb impossible..', i have loads of assignment(last week got 6 assignments) to without study week...ngee..

ottoke?hoping i could do my best and do well..!chayok..!


NurulFatehah;) said...

weh.. mengapa kau mendelete post lepas? aku tidak boleh membacanya wahai sahabat.

love_my_self said...

ha'ah dayah..ko ad sebut name ak...kan3???hahah
damn??mmg ak suke sbut smjak duk utara ni..hahah

cik hidayah said...

aku ckp pasal aku rndu nk display..~

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