Saturday, May 25, 2013

who says?


one girl, hate another girl,
one day that girl knew about it,
she is so sad and dissapointed because she did not know what she did wrong,
She try to ignore that girl because she does not want to make the girl hate her more,
they did not say anything to each other for years,
until one time, when she have no one and alone,
she only have one choice, which is to talk again to her,
each and everyday, is an awkward moment,
each and every move she did is to make sure that the girl does not hate it,
every word she said is so careful,
she is the type who will tell everything to her friend, but she did not.
Just because she does not want her to feel that she is bragging,
she is just being careful everytime,
but now, they are friend,
they seems so awkward,
but what she know is she is her friend,
atleast she have her as her friend. End.


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