Wednesday, May 29, 2013

sending sanah.

last Sunday, we all went back to Johore to send Sanah into matricualtion.
*week before, I went to Johore and come back with a sore throat and cough,
and still not recover and my cough is getting worst,
I know, it has been more than a week.*

so, the first impression for matrix Johor is, it is huge and have so many blocks.
unfortunately, when my sister saw her room, she said,
" bilik dia lagi kecik dari bilik kak nurul"
I think it was actually the same but because her closet is in the middle of the room, it make the room crowded.
and they did not provide bed sheet and she has to use her own bed sheet yg colour block sgt..
whatever it is, it is your fate to be there,
to atleast make the same memories that I have in matrix,
believe me,
matrix is just so great and the memories there is irreplaceable and you wouldn't find it elsewhere.
and enjoy your orientation day!

Afterall, when it comes to the word matrix,
all the memories are rushing in..
it is a lie if I said I forgotten everything about matrix,
instead I miss everything.
I don't really like degree life,
if I want to conclude in one sentence, I would say, it is selfish.
I really miss matrix, where we all could laugh and cry under one roof,
to just have someone through out the day is just priceless.
Put it under my shoes,
here, in degree, I only be with my friends in the class.
After class, we went back home.
I almost forget, how it feels like to talk to someone just about everything,
to just gossips around, have fun, talk and let out everything to someone.
It has been a while I keep my mouth shut.
I totally forgot how to even talk randomly and say whatever that came into my mind.
I have forgotten how it feels like to have someone that will support you,
that will wake you up, that will help you, that will just sit with you.
It been a while I have the feeling of dependent on someone.
studies show that you will change every 4 years.
and maybe I am in that phase.
I dont even know how to be the way I was with everyone.
the only place I have to just be me is my home.
Those friendship made during matrix life, is just so valuable.
I just miss that,
when I just could go to anyone whenever I am bored.


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