Wednesday, May 8, 2013


the first experience,
the most controversial General Election.
I was there, I was part of it.
I don't want to say a word on it because,
mencurah minyak ke api, hanya akan memburukkan keadaan.
my voice might be too small, I might be too young to say a word on it,
but what I could see, I couldn't deny.
Everyone have their own opinion,
and everyone strive to make their opinion accepted by others.
Without trying to listen..
afterall listen, listen, listen is what a Malaysian needs..
Malaysian have talk a lot and did not listen..

kepada mereka yang telah menginjak usia 21 tahun,
I was a bit sad, when they CHOOSE not to register as a voter.
they said that, they are not interested on politic, so they did not register intentionally.
they did not know who to choose,
my dear, did you know that it is your responsibility.
Even I who were born on November are still managed to mendaftar, dont give the tak-sempat-daftar excuse.
I WAS like that once, did not want to register...but my dad force me to.
and when I asked him, to whom shall I support and vote for,
he said to me,
" kau dah besar, sebab tu yang boleh mengundi ni yang berusia 21 tahun keatas, dah boleh berfikir sendiri tanpa pengaruh orang lain. Pilihlah yang betul-betul bantu menegakkan Islam."
and yes, he NEVER forced nor influenced me to choose which party or WHO to vote.
I decide it myself after hearing all the campaigns and flyers and manifesto or akujanji and etc FROM BOTH PARTY.
and yes, by time you will realize your capabality to think by yourself,
and most of it to know that the election is not a game,
not just for fun nor for the purpose of following others.
It is beyond all that, it is a RESPONSIBILITY.
The least is, in the akhirat, I could answer to HIM on what I have done to my country,
I have choose who I believe can lead us in the Islamic way,
and if the leader dissapoint us, that is what he is preparing for to answer at the day of judgement to all his citizen and most of it to the Lord, Allah.
I have done my part, and now let the government do theirs.
Hoping for a better Malaysia, without racism, without any fights, without fitnah, without corruption.


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