Sunday, March 17, 2013

Evolution?transformation? transformer! haha

since we will be having our first annual dinner,
people around me was so eager to talk about the preparation and stuff.
and most of it, how to loss weight.
and because I've lost a lot of weight before, people asked me a lot.
and some did not believe that I was chubby before.
honestly, I am not fat as in obese-fat..I am chubby.
with my height around 152 cm, at that time I might weighed around 53/54kg..*yes, it is not fat*
my thigh at that time was too obvious,
and my round face is so obviously round..
I was almost the same size as my umi..
my jeans were around size 29/30.
I gained weight when I was in form 2/3.
then of course after SPM make it worse because I learned baking and cooking and I am not working.
I start to get on diets several time but it fails.
but this is the point where my diet routine changed.
decrease intake of carbs (rice) and more intake of the lauk, salads.

form 5

after SPM

                                                                  form 5, believe it or not..hua3, prefect camping!

after I went to matrix, my weight starts to decrease.
this might due to the stress, the adaptation to asrama life, the studies and etc.
at this moment, people start to said that I am getting skinnier.
my weight after matrix was around 50kg but it was pretty obvious.

when I enter MSU, again, I losses more weight..
at that time I was adapting with the new environment,
catching up with the learning process and etc..

first year

first year
second year was very hectic and busy.
we had 24 credit hours, went to class from 8 am to 8 pm..
most of my classmates also had a changes in their body weight.
but different from me, they are gaining weight and I am losing weight.
my weight decrease drastically from 51 to 45kg..
and I was not on diet.
it just that, I don't have the appetite.
second year

second year

second year

                                       third year
last month

last week

so for end of last year, everything is getting better,
and I start to eat a lot actually..
hope that my weight won't be increasing although I feet a bit bloated..
being insecure is just something that I can't help.
people will always tell me, "cukuplah kata nak kurus, kalau kau gemuk, aku ni apa?"
but I just dont want to be bigger than what I am now, that is what I meant when I am controlling my body.
and, never said that I was perfect from the beginning, I am not.
and who said skinny is perfect?

p/s: actually people who decreased their weight drastically tend to have a yoyo body weight..wuwuwu..


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