Saturday, July 28, 2012


even the strongest person in the world can break down to pieces..
that's what I could describe.
remember my apology last year? entry maaf ..
this thing happen again but with a different person.
yes, being called by a friend by those word, hurt me the most.
I am hurt that I cried all day long..only this time not as bad as before..
I don't want to said it again and again..
because it's already stuck in my mind.
I had seek my apology..but I am still searching for myself.
what make you called me that.
I even asked all my gfs to be truthful to me..
they know me more than anyone else and they would never lie to me.
I haven't change a bit.
maybe it just being with them, I am myself.
being with others, yeah, maybe I'm a fake, a hypocrite.
I just couldn't be me..
I've tried my best to suits everyone..
but it just, not me.
the condition, the environment itself is not me..
I'm sorry..
the only persons that I could be me are when I am with them..
only one person who always let me cry and wait for me to be okay..yeah, it's you.
only two person truly know me from the day I was born, they're my cousins.
only three person that will always there when I need them, share my sorrow and cheer me up..they're my girlfriends..
only four person who always support me and the presence are comforting and I know they just know what I've been through..they're my family..

i must be really disturbed that I bought this shoes but yet I still love this shoes!
comfy but yet it is still few inches height kot!
masuk lopak terbenam weyh..kui3..
but yet, the promoter asked me: dah biasa pakai heels ke?
me*dlm hati : nilah first heels saya..selama ni pakai wedges je..hoho


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