Tuesday, July 17, 2012

it's HIS plan..not ours..~

Kita hanya merancang..Allah yang menentukan..
kadang-kadang apa yang kita doa, apa yang kita mohon, Allah tak bagi..
kadang-kadang bukan Allah tak bagi..tapi Allah akan bagi pada masa yang sesuai..
cuma manusia ni kurang kesabaran..
bila Allah tak bagi terus putus asa, terus lupa nikmat lain yang Allah bagi..
Astaghfirullah, aku pon camtu jugak kot..
but yup, Allah tunjuk jugak kat aku, orang yang sabar, akan diberi ganjaran yang setimpal.
Dulu, specifically tahun lepas, 16 july 2012..
I was planning something..really hoping that it will happened..
back at that time, I was unsure, undecided, not ready..
and maybe that is why Allah does not let it to happen..

but then this year..the same saturday, the planned was succeed..
Alhamdulillah..and at that moment I am really sure with everything..
I've decided. I've made my choice..
back at last year, there are too many things unsolved, too many questions, too many misunderstanding.
If the plan were succeed back then, I don't know what will happen today.
it might be something that I regret, it might make me not the person I am today.
yeah, day by day from that day which the plan is made and cancelled, I've changed.
I can see from the way I dressed last year and today.
back then, I still haven't protect my aurah completely, I am lacking here and there and still am lacking.
but I tried my best to be the best.

what i wanted to say here is that, setiap perkara ada hikmah dia..
walau sebaik mana perancangan kita, kalau bukan masanya, bukan jodohnya, ia tetap tidak akan terjadi.
kita mungkin tidak dipertemukan dalam keadaan kita yang masih jahil.
kita mungkin tidak bertemu dalam keadaan kita yang lemah
kita mungkin tidak dipertemukan dalam keadaan kita yang belum bersedia.
kita mungkin tidak dipertemukan dengan cara yang mengaibkan.
I'm happy to say that the plan is cancel last year. Thank You Allah.
Allah knows what is the best for me and all of us.
AND, patient is sweet, changes is sweet and Allah's plan is sweeter!

believe in Allah, for His plan is the best, and believe in Allah cause He will never dissapoint you..InsyaaAllah!


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