Wednesday, July 4, 2012

oh englishku..~


dah lama rasa tak update info dekat blog kan?
this entry is just a 2 cent from me..
pernah dengar rancangan oh my english..
it's good actually even for us yang kekonon dah dewasa walaupun target penyampaian adalah untuk golongan remaja..
*ops, saya masih remaja..
yes, nowadays, we are too dependent on english language rather than our bahasa jiwa bangsa..
yesterday, while doing the attachment, one of the pharmacist asked, "so, MSU is using english-based education right? sometimes, we used english language that we forgot our own language.,"
this is totally true..
when we dispense to patient, for our country most of the patient are makcik2, pakcik2..
not that all the elderly doesnt know how to communicate in english but what I'm saying is the majority have better understanding in malay can we applied what we've learnt in english to malay language is one of the problem..
example in hlovate book, how can we asked the patient if he/she have palpitation or not.. 
takkan nak tanya 
'makcik ada rasa palpitation ke tak?'
'palpitation tu apa cu?'
'errr..berdebar-debar? jantung laju? lub dub lub dub?'
kui3..sometimes malay words sound so funny when we translate it from english..

AND, one more thing is that, 
one may know grammar, but they cant communicate in english,
one may not know how to communicate but have lots of grammatical error..
here one thing is, 
confident is good.BUT too confident dan taknak belajar untuk berubah lebih baik is not good!
some people are just too confident to write in english but if the words is obviously wrong, it make the reader misinterpret what we are going to say..
I, myself are not that good in english..make few grammatical error and etc..but the least is I know each and every words mean..
example..feel and fell is too different..
feel is rasa/ menggambarkan perasaan while fell is it?
and somehow learn to use 'I am' correctly..
one more is the uses of the word annoy.
I am annoyed not I am annoying~
I am annoyed means saya marah, menyampah.
I am annoying means saya adalah seorang yang menyampah..(malay grammatical error here..but the best I could describe)

so got it? anyhow..I am not good in english myself..
but the big mistakes like the one that I have described better be corrected before kita memalukan diri sendiri..
as long as our english orang's ok I think..because human brain are made by Allah that have the specialty to interpret the idea eventhough it is not correctly presented.
so, just let it understandable okie..bye2..

p/s: Ustaz Don taknak buat rancangan Oh My Tajwid ke??hihi xD


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