Monday, January 9, 2012


new year, new resolution..
never have the real resolution..
untuk aku, i just want to be better each day..
rugilah manusia itu andai harinya tidak ada perubahan daripada hari yang sebelumnya..

actually this post is for my dearest sister..
Siti Nur Khasanah binti Sheikh Abdullah who's celebrating her 17th birthday yesterday..
happy birthday!! sweet 17..
dah 17 tahun dah adik aku ni..
terlupa pulak aku dah nak 21 tahun ni..wuwu
rasa mcm baru je lagi masuk umur mcm tu..rasa macam tahun lepas je baru masuk form 5..
eh? form 5 lah..
so wish you all the best for SPM!
i know this is just the second week of school..
and yeah! you already been given so many homework..
welcome to the new world darling!
where time waits for no men..
dulu..(yeah, im in the mode of..zaman kitorang dulu..)
dulu, kak nurul prefect..lagi hectic and yeah! i lost some weight just from all the activities..
with all the event going on,
the studies, trials, mentoring activities, tuition(s), homework(s)!

yeah! its gonna be reallllyyyy exhausted..
but 17 is the most memorable memories* except when you are doing your A levels, matrix and etc at an awesome place..hihi..
all the friendship, the memories, school, uniform..
as time went by, you will miss everything..
friendship will be tested after you move out from school..
BUT..those who remains..they are SAHABAT..
and just like mine..i hope you'll be given one/two/three/more Sahabat..
have a blast sis!..may Allah bless you..
and ofcourse I'll pray for your success!*nak pressure sket..ingat ko kene kalahkan my results..and I know it aint gonna be easy..the benchmark is quite high..sorry! hihi
owh, forget to said..
I LOVE YOU ! *its exclusive..I know..~


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