Thursday, January 5, 2012

be strong!

assalamualaikum semua..
lama tak tulis blog as in the real 'tulis blog'
i mean the one yang semua orang paham apa yang aku tulis..huhu
sorry..i have a lil conflict with myself..
last week was really really a mood swing week for me despite its actually my last week of exams..seriously i think i've been crying for almost every day..
no one should know and yeah, who cares..
semalam, i opened my msu pharmacy club on facebook.
ada sata link which y lecturer, sir IB post on the wall last week kot.but i didnt open sbb exam..
it is 40 lesson for finding strength in hard times.
i will just pick a few points yang i would want to elaborate by my own.

1) you will fail sometimes
yes, i am wrong when i thought that i will and can make everything works accordingly. I am a person which in fact a perfectionist. I want everything to be according to what i planned it to be and yes, few times i fail. Zaman sekolah dulu, aku pernah menangis sebab result Physic aku salah kira and cikgu key in my marks as 49 which in fact aku dpt 65 and there is no way to change it because of the system. LAME?? yeah..why?I put myself in such a high expectation when I am in to the things deeply. I am really particular with the things that I really love till one day i realize that there will be few times that we fail, and Allah knew what's the best for us. i keep abah's word with me..'we can fail once, but not few times over the same mistakes.'

2) Emotionally separate yourself from your problems.
I am really good in hiding my feelings. I never showed it up to people. I can tell them how sad I am, but never show it.. For now, I don't actually have anyone who really know how i feel based on my facial expression. I can be crying inside of my room and once i step my feet out from my room i cut down all my emotions and smile. I keep being the person I am when I am with them. I am crazy when I am with my family and I am a friendly person with my friends..and that's what I showed them. Not anyone can see my feelings. I can show anger, sulk and happiness..but never tears. Somehow, this are the things that make me stronger in life and I can deal greatly with my personal life and student life.

3) Don’t make a problem bigger than it is.
kadang- kadang, thinking too much will make the problem grows bigger than its actually are. honestly I did that. I think too much especially when I am alone. BUT as time flew by, I managed to just keep it aside. No problem is so big that you couldn't handle it.. Allah takkan timpakan musibah yang takkan mampu untuk kita atasi. Everything have a solution, it only a matter of time and oppurtunity and choices.

4) giving up and moving on is two different thing
ayat ni macam dalam ombak rindu pulak kan..hihi..redha itu ikhlas, pasrah itu menyerah. yes, its actually two different thing. Sometimes in life kita kata kita redha dengan apa yang jadi dekat kita, think back..are we really sure that we are redha?? or is it kita pasrah? for time being I couldnt said that i am redha dengan apa yang terjadi.. I am pasrah. Pasrah dengan keputusan, pasrah dengan pilihan ni. I am lying when I said I can accept that my friend left me. super sad. but I know, time will make the feeling change. I am giving up..and I am in the step of moving on, ikhlaskan diri untuk terima that you will be happier without me.

5)It’s better to be hurt by the truth, than comforted by a lie.
This is always my life principle. I cant tolerate at all with lies. Lies will only make me think that I dont deserve the truth. I REALLY HATE LIES. How hurtful the truth can be, just tell me. I will be sad for a while but LIE will only make me sad forever. Seriously cant bare with it .. it kills me more than truth.

6) There will always be people who dislike you
This is what i learned for 2011.. Selama ni aku tak pernah tau aku ada haters. Unfortunate for me that this is the first time to know directly from a person mouth. It change few things between me and others. I starting not to believe people. People have the ability to make a smiley face in front of us and stab us on the back. It hurts a lot since I don't even know what I did to them. However, i learn to forgive..people deserve second chance if they prove to us that they'll change.

7) You are are better off without some people you thought you needed.
Allah had planned everything out for us. The moment I lost someone, He make me realized that there are a real good friend who had been there for me since ages listening to me and wipe away the tears. For so many time I repeat the same problem and the same stories to them, they never really bored and keep listening even though I know diorang sure dah malas nak bg nasihat yang sama..hihi..

8) You always have choice
yes, we all have choice. to stay sad or be happy. Its us to decide.

The end is a new beginning
Nothing in life is the end until u find the real end which mean, we are no longer in this world anymore. We are transferring to a new dimension, to the place forever after..whether its jannah or al jahim. Always think that no matter how hard things end, Allah will replace us with something new. Something that we never thought we will get and something so much better than what we've lost. InsyaAllah

10) Struggling with problem is natural part of growing.
we fall, we cry, we stumble on the ground. As we stand back, we are no longer the same person. we are much stronger and more careful in life. Life itself is a lesson. A place for us to be tested before the day of judgement. A test of iman and how strong our faith are after been tested with so many problems and temptation that will make us apart from the Almighty.


p/s: ok, cukuplah 10 ye..nak kene memasak sebelum adik2 yang lapar ni balik umah..kui3..


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