Friday, August 26, 2011

junior and photoshoot~

wednesday, 12.00 pm..

waiting for the junior in the junior's class (anatomy)
mr log was preparing the lecture materials with the staff's id holder on his neck..
practicing his indian accent..
then the junior came and look blurred when entering the class with the seniors..
the class representative came to us and ask..'do you have class here..?'
we: yup..anatomy class..
junior: owh..then, can u choose one representative so that i could inform about the class??
i'm actually holding my laughter when he said that..
and thanks to yoke for answering him..
the class start.. and miss lau came and scold us for suddenly 'repeating' the course..
then the lecture start..
while mr log presenting, we were actually doing our assignment..
and answering mr log's question..
the situation is totally looks like a hyperactive-annoying-know-everything-senior..
haha..seriously we are that annoying to some extend they dont like us being there..~
class ends..
mr log: im not actually your lecturer..i am your senior..and all the repeating students back there are actually your senior..they came just to meet the junior..not a single person went to meet us..

yeah! my junior just got prank..haha..n yup, betuah lah korang dapat senior cam kitorang yang sanggup turun padang jenguk korang dalam kelas..masa zaman aku masuk MSU tu..satu hape pon aku tak tau..blurr sorang-sorang je kat situ..
whatever it is..welcome to the pharmacist student life my junior!hohoho~~
we're family..tak mainlah buli junior..hehehe..
03.00pm-tasik mahkamah, shah alam..
photoshooting time!!
as usual im the driver..
this time we dress-to-kill lah..
tak pernah aku nak pakai skirt bagai..
harini atas desakan sarah..i wore a skirt..
dah2..malas nak cte gmbr je..okie??


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