Sunday, August 7, 2011

question: if the one you love fall for your bestfriend..

friendship and relationship..

seriously i dont really want to talk about this again and again..
this is the only relationship in our life that makes our world chaotic..
i have a question to anyone who could answer this..
why would you sacrifice friendship in order to save love relationship?
and why should we give up love to protect friendship?
why cant we have it both??
for me..a friend will always be there for matter what occasion that we have..
i f the lover does not deserve our friend..
why cant we tell them..isnt friend are the one who's suppose to advice us even if it hurt us the most??
what happen if the one you love fall in love with your bestfriend??
will you leave them or you'll be happy if they get together??
its a tough question..i know..but put the situation in your shoes..
will you be happy for them??
will you leave as a matter of healing the wound and forgetting the one you love??
are u willing to leave your friendship?
u know what..if you did this, what happen to your bestfriend??
they will torn inside..
you leave them because of your love..
it's selfish and cruel..
i know u are the one who have the unrequited love..
but because of that you left a friend??
you are bargaining friendship because of your wounded heart..
but how's your friend? have u considered their feelings?
remember..even if they have someone to love never been the same for someone who have been there for them before they found the one they love..remember that!
and the moment you left them..even if they are happy with their lover..
inside their heart they are hurt and blame themselves for not trying to save the friendship..
think back before you make the decision..
for me, if this situation happen to me..
i will be really sad..
and i will blame myself not to save a friendship and not to make my friend happy..~

isnt friendship is to be there for our friend comes hell and high water?? to be there supporting each other??
isnt love is to see the other person happy no matter with whom they are with??
is it worth to lose one of this to save one of that relationship??
think carefully..~~


♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

Love is love .Friendship is friendship .I don't want to mix it.

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