Wednesday, August 10, 2011

tahun dua


the title said it all..
im already a second year student and I HAVE A JUNIOR..!
excited terlebih sudah..tapi muka junior belum kelihatan lagi..
pemalas punya senior nak mencari junior..
owh lupa nak bagitau..
sistem kat msu bukan macam kat any IPTA..
ada orientation with the senior as the facilitator..
we have orientation but usually conducted by the SCD (student career development)
so what subject am i taking this semester??

★physical pharmacy I
★organic chemistry
★pharmacy practice II
★pharmacology of central nervous system
★pharmacology of peripheral nervous sytem
★traditional medicine
★communicative english
★islamic studies

amek kau..8 subjek untuk sem ni..haila..
makin turunlah berat anda cik hidayah oii..
cekeding je nanti..
okie..actually the main thing that I want to share is about what i get from the first class for pharmacology of CNS..
during the class..
as usual there's a self introduction part which we already bored about it because we already know each other well( being a year are we not to know each other rite??)
then we were asked..
'why did you choose pharmacy??"
and surprisingly..most of my classmates answer because it is their parents choice..
i have to admit..actually i am one of them..BUT pharmacy IS one of MY option..
so I do enjoy it~
then Dr Santosh(my lecturer), he told us this..

' for whatever reason you choose this have to respect your profession..and keep your professionalism'

I do agree with this..
and here I am sharing this with you guys..
I know some of us went to IPTA with the course that they dont even like and love..instead you hate it a LOT..
u are the one who made the choice to take it..
thus respect the decision you made..
respect your profession..
dont just keep complaining about the course..
about u unable to catch up with it..
you are what you think you are..remember that!
and let time decide the interest you gonna develop..
but remember to open your heart and mind and soul..
pray to Allah cause He always hear us..
He wouldnt give something that wasn't the best for us..
insyaAllah one day you will be thankful for the gift He gave to us..
be proud of your future..~


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