Friday, July 29, 2011


assalamualaikum peeps..

what's up withe the title??
aritu baru je buat pasal im in a good health..
and now PAP! i got a fever..
yeah sick..
3 days laying on the bed..
and only now(just a few moment ago) baru boleh bukak mata, berdiri dan berjalan..
ye..masih mamai lagi..
tapi i feel much better..
thanks to all my dear(s) yang asking about my condition..
yg paksa saya makan ubat, makan banyak-banyak..(u know who u are)

pagi tadi still in the worse condition walaupon demam dah kebah..
but yeah..i feel fresh this afternoon after spending my entire morning sleeping..
kalau before ni..nak bangun untuk solat pon, kepala pusing macam washing machine..
even i have to performed solah with my eyes closed..if not i will tumbang..~
hoping i will get a full recovery soon..
thanks for your prayer dear friends..
may Allah bless us..

p/s: next week dah mula daftar new a second year student now..and class starts on 8th..and happy ramadhan people..semoga amalan kita bertambah di bulan mulia ini..insyaAllah..=)


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