Sunday, July 3, 2011

little complicated thingy called trust~

p/s to nani: sorry i curi from your blog but this is super something..

ive told you before that trust is my super hardest thing for me to give...
once you've gain my trust..
please do keep it properly..
for the first mistakes, i still can forgive you..
and give back the trust but will never been the same..
for the second mistakes that repeated..
it gonna make me start to stop believing and trusting..
even if you are forgiven..
i know, deep inside it leaves a scar that took times to heal..
for a following wound that you'll give..
i will just leave and dissappear..
how should i trust anymore, if hurting is the only feeling that i'll get from you..~
never make someone as a priority if they only take you as an option..
im not the type who expressed what i felt inside..
what i wrote is only a pieces of me..
i dont and cant say it to people what i felt..
but i do act it out..~
how I wish I could dissappear~


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