Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mother's day..!!

happy mother's day ummi...huhu..hari ni nurul x masak kan papa untuk ummi since mak ucu datang n nurul x ada idea nak masak apa...huhu..walau apapon nurul sayang ummi..!
and besides that today is mother's day..harini last day before going to matrx..huhu..cuak i have to make sure that everything is complete..beg dah kemas and everything dah packed..and today ramai gile yang datang rumah..mak ucu n mak andak...mak andak datang bawak hadiah..she said its for my spm's present and a gift because im going to matrix..ive got a bag and a teddy bear(like a cat) to remind me of my cat shanini..!!im so going to miss her...

im going to miss my house,my room,my study room,my living room,my family room,my toilet(yea!!),and mostly my ummi.abah.siti,syuhada...i will miss them..!!!

x going for a good reason...nurul akan usaha sungguh2..and i will try my best to get 4 flat..!amin...pray for me...!!


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