Thursday, April 30, 2015


And finally I'll start working insyaAllah next week.
I'm leaving Shah Alam and not just Shah Alam.
I'm just leaving, to a place that is so foreign to me.
I've been there once.
To visit not to stay.
Now I'm gonna be there for a year or two or probably more.
I don't hate it.
But the fact is, I can't believe I'm leaving soon.

'if you leave, I will bring myself to Brunei'
Months afterwards,
'So when are you leaving to Brunei?'
Almost a year afterwards,
'I'm leaving. Not to Brunei but somewhere far'

I'm totally okay now but I guess Allah want me to completely heals there,
Where no one knows me, my past and everything else.
Like I said before,
I don't hate it.
I know Allah knows this is the best for me.
I've been waiting for this.
19 years in Shah Alam.
Shah Alam had given me her best.
I went to pre-school, primary and secondary school, make friends, fall in and out of love, hurt, betrayed, joy, experience, knowledge, happiness. Everything. All here in Shah Alam.
Shah Alam will always be my first love
The only regret is to be so far away from my family and friends. And my lovely cats.
But this is how life rolls.
You'll gain some, you'll lose some.
And afterall, human will always adapt to changes. Always.
Salam alayk.
Till then, next post will not be from Shah Alam I guess.


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